New Tax Declaration Dates

Tax declaration dates announced

Tax declaration dates announced


This year’s income tax declaration deadlines have just been announced and are much earlier in France this year than last year for some categories of people.

The dates, for online and paper declarations, show that people sending in paper declarations from more distant parts of the world now have to do so six weeks earlier than last year. Anyone who is not a resident of France must declare, by paper, by midnight on May 19, or on the internet by June 9.

Last year non-residents living in the EU, Mediterranean, North America and Africa had until June 16 (whether by paper or internet) and the date was June 30 for those living elsewhere.

For people living in France and declaring by paper this year’s deadline is the same as for non-residents – May 19. This is one day earlier than last year – which was itself much earlier than usual, the date traditionally being right at the end of the month.

Internet declarations for French residents have also come forward by one day to: May 26 (departments 1-19), June 2 (departments 20-49), and June 9 (departments 50+).

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