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Dailyclicks Update 1

Just received an email from the admin of dailyclicks, one of the PTC companies that I am involved in, and they have changed the payout rules again.

What they are doing now, is only paying members who have upgraded, either on a monthly basis or lifetime basis. Free members can’t request a cashout, but they can use money earnt for advertising instead.

Now this is a set back, as this is a site that I have promoted a lot and always had good feedback from, but at the same time, they do offer a tremendous amount of ads per day, so there really is a good potential to earn money, even with the upgrade.

Even if you do not want to upgrade, this could provide you with an excellent opportunity to advertise other similar sites that you are looking for referrals on, as most people who are members of one site are always looking for other similar sites.

Don’t give up on it yet, but just be a bit cautious for the minute until the dust settles, then you can make a clear decision.

Dailyclicks Update 2

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