In Gironde, two children arrested, suspected of putting concrete slabs on the railway

Gironde: Two Children Suspected of Laying Concrete Slabs on the Railway

The TER Bordeaux-Libourne (Gironde) crashed into a concrete slab on the rails on Wednesday night. Two children, suspected of having committed this malicious act, were arrested. Wednesday 8th August, around 7pm, a TER Bordeaux-Libourne train that ran in the town of Ambarès-et-Lagrave (Gironde)  hit a concrete plate on the rails . The driver reacts immediately and manages to brake without damage. The train did not […]

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48 departments have been placed on orange alert for storms

Storms Return: Orange Alert Extended to 48 Departments

This Sunday, Meteo France has placed 48 departments from Brittany to the Alps, not passing Aquitaine, in orange alert because of a new stormy episode. The lull will have been short-lived. Thunderstorms are back this Sunday, June 3 and Météo France has placed  48 departments in orange alert. Vigilance will be required from mid-day until the end of the […]

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The names of the new merged french regions has been announced

The Name of New Major French Regions Formalized

The name of the new seven major regions, from the territorial reform which reduced the number of metropolitan areas, is endorsed on Thursday in the Official Journal. The number of metropolitan areas is reduced from 21 to 12, through the merger of some of them. The region “Grand Est” (capital Strasbourg) and refers to the […]

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