Laurent Wauquiez resigns from the Republican presidency

Laurent Wauquiez Resigns from the Republican Presidency

A week after the rout of his party in the European elections, the president of the Republicans, Laurent Wauquiez announced his resignation Sunday 2nd June, 2019 TF1 television news. Laurent Wauquiez announced Sunday on TF1 his resignation from the presidency of the Republicans (LR) , a week after the historic defeat of the party (8.48%) in the European elections. “I […]

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A New president for the Republicans hoping to turn the page on defeats

Republicans Elect a New President and Hope to Turn the Page on Defeat

To elect a new president and turn the page on 2017 losses: Les Republicans activists return to the polls to decide Laurent Wauquiez, Florence Portelli and Mael Calan. To elect a new president and turn the page of electoral defeats of 2017: LR activists are called to the polls Sunday to decide Laurent Wauquiez , major favorite, Florence […]

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