Emmanuel Macron, November 4, 2018 at the Elysee.

Small Pensions, Lower Taxes, Removal of the ENA … What Emmanuel Macron Planned to Announce

Emmanuel Macron was to announce yesterday, Monday 15th April 15 at 8 pm on television these announcements to close the Great debate and end the social crisis of yellow vests. A recorded speech which was postponed following the fire of Notre-Dame de Paris. This is what must be remembered measures decided by the Head of State. The […]

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Emmanuel Macron to make speech on television after Grand debate forced by yellow vests

Grand Debate: Emmanuel Macron will Address the French Monday Evening

This week, Emmanuel Macron should make announcements at the end of the Grand National Debate. Lower taxes, 80 km/h, pensions … the president will not have the right to make mistakes. Decrease in income tax, reindexing of small pensions or adjustments of the 80 km/h : Emmanuel Macron is in a hurry on all sides before his announcements expected at the beginning […]

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Emmanuel Macron will make televised speech Monday evening

Grand National Debate: Emmanuel Macron will make Announcements Monday Night on Television

The President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron will speak on television Monday 15th April at 8pm. He will make announcements after the holding of the grand national debate. Emmanuel Macron will announce, during a speech on Monday at 8 pm on television, “the priority action projects and will advance the first concrete measures” in response to the grand […]

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