Theresa May wants to renegotiate the Brexit deal, but not the E

Theresa May Wants to Renegotiate the Brexit Deal, But Not the EU

The British Parliament voted on Tuesday 29th January, calling for an amendment to the Brexit agreement, which Brussels and Emmanuel Macron immediately rejected Just two months before Brexit , Prime Minister Theresa May on Tuesday 29th January 2019 was given by British MPs a mandate to reopen negotiations with Brussels, but the European Union immediately refused, a dialogue of the deaf with […]

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Britsh MP's vote against Theresa May's Brexit Agreement

Brexit: Theresa May’s Debacle after the Rejection of the Agreement by British MPs

The Prime Minister suffered an incredible snub in Parliament over the vote on the Brexit agreement with the EU. She must now face a vote of no confidence This is the total blur in the UK . What will become of the country? What’s the fate for Theresa May? The British Prime Minister faces Wednesday, January 16th a motion that […]

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