Tesla has invested the equivalent of $ 1.5 billion in bitcoin.

Bitcoin: What Consequences Can Elon Musk and Tesla’s Announcements Have?

CRYTOCURRENCY: Tesla company announced Monday that it has invested $ 1.5 billion in bitcoin A few weeks ago, the boss and SpaceX, Elon Musk, blew the price of bitcoin by simply showing the emoji of this cryptocurrency in his biography on Twitter. On February 8, his auto company, Tesla, announced that it had invested the equivalent […]

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Singapore’s DBS bank becomes first in Asia to offer crypto exchange

Singapore’s DBS Bank Becomes First in Asia to Offer Crypto Exchange

As bitcoin and other digital assets go mainstream, traditional banks want a piece of the action. Singapore’s crypto-friendly regulations are paving the way. Institutional interest in cryptocurrencies and digital assets has increased exponentially in recent months, and in a sign of growing mainstream adoption of this nascent asset class, traditional banks are now joining in […]

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Bitcoin exceeds 20.000 Dollars for the first time

Bitcoin Exceeds $ 20,000 for the First Time

VIRTUAL CURRENCY: The most famous cryptocurrency, Bitcoin broke its record this Wednesday Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency decentralized, exceeded the $ 20,000 threshold for the first time in its history Wednesday, taking advantage of an appetite for risk markets that has almost tripled its value in a year. At around 3:20 p.m. PST, bitcoin cost $ 20,612.40 and saw its value […]

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France will experiment from 2020 on a “digital euro” to respond to Facebook's Libra

Cryptocurrency: France will Experiment from 2020 on a “Digital Euro” to respond to Facebook’s Libra

CRYPTOCURRENCY: This initiative by the French central bank, for a “digital euro”, is a first in the eurozone An “e-euro” to counter Facebook’s Libra. This is the ambition of the Banque de France, which will launch experiments next year to develop a “central bank digital currency” (MDBC). It will be dedicated to “wholesale” transactions, that is to say very […]

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Facebook launches "Libra", its own virtual currency

Facebook Launches “Libra”, its Own Virtual Currency

Facebook is launching into cryptocurrency with “Libra”, a new means of payment that should particularly benefit the billion people “excluded” from the banking system Facebook will it fly with its 2.7 billion users with cryptocurrencies? In any case, this is his intention with “Libra”, a virtual currency meant to buy goods or send money as easily as an instant […]

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The course of the Bitcoin virtual currency flies to the point that economists predict a next burst this bubble

Bitcoin: The ECB is Studying Ways to “break” the Virtual Currency

The course of the virtual currency flies to the point that economists predict a next burst this bubble. At the European Central Bank it is considering how to regulate Bitcoin. One member of the Board of Governors of the European Central Bank , the Austrian Ewald Nowotny has spoken in favor of regulation of Bitcoin, “purely speculative object posing a […]

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Bitcoin price drops fromm 19,000 to 11,000 dollars in five days

Bitcoin Drops from 19,000 to 11,000 dollars in Five Days

ECONOMY: The exchanges were briefly interrupted on Coinbase market, and then the virtual currency has stabilized at $ 13,000 Friday … We must have the faint of heart. The price of Bitcoin is a roller coaster , with extreme volatility: it went from 19,700 dollars last Sunday, to less than $ 11,000 on Friday morning, a drop of 45%. The […]

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Capital gains tax will apply to investment gains in Bitcoin

Bitcoin: Bercy Reminds Investors that Capital Gains are Taxed

INVESTMENT: The Minister of Public Accounts, Gerald Darmanin made a wakeup call Tuesday on the taxation of transactions in bitcoins in France … For fans of high-risk investments and promises of enormous gains with crytocurrency.  While during the Bitcoin virtual currency flies, the French Ministry of Economy made a small development on Tuesday: “We must remember that if […]

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The price of Bitcoin has exceeded 15000 dollars for the first time

For the First Time, the Price of Bitcoin exceeds $ 15,000

CRYPTOCURRENCY: It looks more and more like a bubble . The price of Bitcoin continued its surge Thursday to exceed for the first time in its history the threshold of $ 15,000, thanks to a jump of over 50% in a week. It looks more and more like a bubble . The price of Bitcoin continued its surge Thursday to exceed for the first time in […]

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