Alain Delon Suffered a Stroke a Few Weeks Ago, Announces His Son

Alain Delon on May 19, 2019 in Cannes

Alain Delon’s son, Anthony Delon, revealed Thursday 8th August 2019 that the actor was resting in Switzerland after a stroke occurred a few weeks ago.

Alain Delon, 83, suffered a stroke a few weeks ago and had a “mild” cerebral haemorrhage, said his son Anthony Delon in a statement sent to AFP.

Now, the leading actor of French cinema “is sitting in a clinic in Switzerland”.

Operated in Paris

According to his son, his vital functions are “perfect and his condition stabilized, according to the doctors.” He also said that the star had previously spent three weeks in intensive care at the hospital Pitié-Salpetriere in Paris, where he was operated.

“The whole family took turns at his bedside, my brother [Alain-Fabien], my sister [Anouchka] and my mother Nathalie [Delon],” says Anthony Delon. Anouchka, who lives in Switzerland, “follows his recovery closely and keeps us informed of his daily progress,” concludes the actor.

Already rumours

In recent weeks, several celebrity magazines including Closer and Here had claimed that the actor had suffered a stroke and a cerebral hemorrhage.

In mid-June, the professional entourage of Alain Delon told AFP that the actor had been admitted to the American Hospital of Neuilly “for vertigo and headaches apparently not serious”. “Symptoms likely due to cardiac arrhythmia suffered by the actor,” said the same source. “It has only been the subject of precautionary examinations and should be released soon,” it added.

A sacred filmmaker, Alain Delon received a Palme d’Or in Cannes a few weeks ago from the hands of his daughter Anouchka.

Very moved, he had made a speech with testamentary accents, speaking of “a posthumous homage, but of (his) living”.

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