Letting the coronavirus circulate is not an option according to the WHO

Coronavirus: Focusing on Collective Immunity by Letting the Covid-19 Circulate “is Not an Option”, According to the WHO

CONTAMINATION: Letting the coronavirus spread throughout the population for collective immunity is not an option If you are strong do not fear the second wave, but as you say, “Well at least after that, we will all infected and immunized collectively,” your Monday night might be more depressing than expected:  WHO ruled Monday unthinkable to let Covid-19 circulate freely in […]

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Donald Trump officially launched the procedure to withdraw the United States from the World Health Organisation (WHO)

Covid-19: United States Officially Withdraws from the World Health Organisation

Donald Trump has carried out his threat to leave the WHO, which he accuses of having delayed reacting to the coronavirus pandemic, thus depriving it of 15% of his budget. After the threats, the act. Donald Trump officially launched the procedure to withdraw the United States from the World Health Organisation (WHO) , carrying out his threats to leave […]

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The WHO is looking for the source of the virus in China

Coronavirus: WHO Sends Team to China to Determine Source of Epidemic

CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC: The WHO team in China is trying to know your enemy better to fight them better Since it appeared, the coronavirus has had many suspected culprits: the pangolin, the bat, the mink … Months have passed, the strange Wuhan pneumonia has become a global pandemic, without anyone really knowing where it came from. With this in mind, the World […]

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A worker wears the masks distributed by the authorities in Ronda (Spain), April 13, 2020 .. (© AFP / JORGE GUERRERO. A worker wears the masks distributed by the authorities in Ronda (Spain), April 13, 2020)

Coronavirus: Covid-19 Ten Times More Deadly than H1N1, according to WHO

Spain partially returns to work, towards lifting restrictions in Germany, more than 114,000 dead … Update on the coronavirus pandemic worldwide. “Only a vaccine will completely stop the transmission of Covid-19”. This is what the World Health Organization said Monday 13th April 2020. WHO points out that the coronavirus pandemic killed ten times more people than the A/H1N1 flu […]

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Coronavirus Covid-19: the number of deaths and cases of infection explodes in China

Coronavirus Covid-19: The Number of Deaths and Cases of Infection Explodes in China

242 new deaths were recorded this Thursday 13th February 2020 in China. This is by far the heaviest figure in 24 hours since the coronavirus crisis started. The death toll and contaminations to the coronavirus knew Thursday 13th February 2020 a sharp increase in China after the adoption by the Chinese authorities of a new method of detecting cases. 242 new deaths […]

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Coronavirus: 1,000 dead, WHO fears further spread outside China

Coronavirus: 1,000 Dead, WHO Fears Further Spread Outside China

The toll of the coronavirus epidemic has passed the 1,000 death mark in China. According to the WHO, the number of transmissions of the virus outside the country could also increase. The toll of the epidemic of the new coronavirus crossed Tuesday 11th February 2020 the mark of 1,000 deaths, and for the WHO, which dispatched an expert mission to […]

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The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that cancer cases will increase by 81% by 2040 in low- and middle-income countries.

Cancer Cases Could Jump 81% in Poor Countries by 2040, WHO says

The World Health Organization (WHO) denounces the “unacceptable inequalities” that exist between rich and poor countries regarding cancer services. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that cancer cases will increase by 81% by 2040 in low- and middle-income countries, due to insufficient resources for prevention. In a report, the specialized agency of the United Nations warns that if current trends continue, the world […]

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China Extends New Years' Leave to Help Contain the Coronavirus Epidemic

Coronavirus: China Extends New Years’ Leave to Help Contain the Epidemic

China has increased the number of victims of coronavirus and is stepping up measures to reduce the risk of contagion. Ten holidays in a row in the midst of an epidemic of viral pneumonia: China extended its long New Year’s holiday on Monday in the hope of delaying the peak in transport and reducing the risk of […]

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The provisional assessment of the viral epidemic reaches twenty-five deaths, on January 24, 2020.

Virus in China: Death Toll Rises to 26, including a Second Outside Wuhan

The new coronavirus continues to spread in China, while the WHO ruled on Thursday 23rd January 2020 that it was too early to declare the international emergency. Nearly a dozen Chinese cities were cordoned off on Friday 24th January 2020 at the epicentre of the viral epidemic, the toll of which increased again shortly after the WHO gave up […]

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