Violent storm warning for Brittany, Morbihan and Loire-Atlantique

Weather Forecast: “It Promises to be Severe” … A Violent Storm Threatens Morbihan and Loire-Atlantique

WEATHER: Christened Alex, the storm will strike overnight from Thursday to Friday across Morbihan and the Loire-Atlantique with winds of up to 160 km/h Wind gusts could reach 150 to 160 km/h on the coasts and up to 120 km/h inland, according to forecasters. “At these speeds, there is a risk of falling trees. It can be […]

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Heavy rains are expected from midnight in Ariège which has been placed in orange alert by Météo France

Ariège: The Department Placed on Orange Alert in Anticipation of Heavy Rains

Weather Warning: Heavy rains are expected from midnight in Ariège which has been placed on orange alert by Meteo France Heavy storms from Spain will burst in the night from Monday to Tuesday on the ridges of the Pyrenees leading to heavy rainfall on the French side. The largest quantities of rain are expected in Ariège that Meteo France has decided to […]

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Weather warning for strong winds from the West

Weather: Strong Winds from the West this Afternoon to Thursday Morning

A weather disturbance, coming from off the Atlantic, this Wednesday at the end of the day in the immediate vicinity of Brittany, before continuing its way towards the North-East. Strong wind, sustained rains and gusts to 100 km/h will thus concern the west of the country, from Finistere South to the Gironde, until Thursday. It will […]

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public parks and gardens are closed due to a weather alert, in Toulouse

Toulouse: Wind, Risk of Hail: Parks and Gardens Closed due to a Weather Alert

Thursday 25th April, 2019, the parks and public gardens of the city are closed due to a weather alert. Gusts of wind and hail are expected in Toulouse. Thursday 25th April, 2019, “due to a weather alert for winds over 80km/h, the parks and gardens of the city are gradually closed from midday,” said the mayor of Toulouse in […]

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Four departments in the West of France on Orange Alert for Thunderstorms and Hail

Thunderstorms and Hail: Four Departments of the West in Orange Alert

Four departments of the West are placed Monday in orange vigil for violent storms with a risk of hail. Thunderstorms that could reach the north of the country during the day. Four departments of the West are placed Monday in orange alert for violent storms with a risk of hail , according to Meteo France, which provides for a […]

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Wind gusts over 130 km/h are expected on the coast of the Manche department.

Manche: The New Storm Eleanor Arrives Tonight

After Ana and Bruno in December, Carmen on Year’s Day, Eleanor arrives this Wednesday 3rd January, 2018, in the morning, with winds exceeding 130 km/h. Maritime overflows will occur on the exposed coast. Eleanor called by the British meteorological services and by the name of David in France, this is the second storm that will sweep […]

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Eleven departments have been placed on a Orange weather Alert by Meteo France

Weather: Eleven Departments in Orange Alert for Floods, Storms and Winds

The bad weather seems not to leave the east-central, southwestern and southern France.  Meteo France has placed eleven departments this Wednesday on orange alert for floods, storms and winds. Eleven central-eastern departments, southwestern and southern France were placed in orange alert for floods, storms and winds, announced Meteo-France, in its bulletin. Six departments are affected […]

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Many households without Electricity after Strong Winds

Seven Departments on Orange Alert, More than 60,000 Homes Without Power

Very strong gusts of wind swept Brittany and Normandy, including … A difficult Easter Monday for more than 60,000 households located in Brittany and Normandy, suffering from blackouts, according to ERDF. There would be 35,000 Breton affected households, including 20,000 alone in Morbihan, according to figures provided by the operator. In this department where the wind […]

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Strong winds and storm warnings for Lorient over the weekend

Lorient: Strong Winds Saturday, Stormy Sunday Night

The storm comes to Lorient, warns Pascal Talmon, amateur weather enthusiast. It will come from Newfoundland and Ireland. The very broad low pressure system centered around Newfoundland to Ireland will generate a very disturbed flow. Saturday Overcast and grey morning with some light rains followed by a cloudy sky covered at mid-day. The arrival will be […]

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