France experienced 32 days without real rain, new historic record

Drought: France Experienced 32 Days Without Real Rain, New Historic Record

CLIMATE CHANGE: It is the longest meteorological drought ever recorded, according to Meteo France French soils are dying of thirst. Metropolitan France did not experience real rain for thirty-two days, the longest meteorological drought ever recorded, which should however be interrupted this Wednesday with the return of some precipitation, we learned from Meteo France. From January 21 to February 21, the aggregate […]

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The restrictions, which affect several areas of southern and western France, are of varying importance

Drought: 39 Departments Affected by Water Restrictions

The scorching heat of the week did not help the state of groundwater and streams. 39 departments are now affected by orders of restriction of water, against 30 on the 17th August.  Update on the situation in France. This scorching week did not help the state of groundwater and streams in areas where water was […]

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