40 new municipalities in the North are now concerned by the drought alert.

Drought Alert in the North: 40 New Municipalities Affected by the Restrictions

The prefect of the North added Friday 26th July 2019, 40 municipalities to the list of cities in drought alert. This new alert concerns the Yser basin. 285 municipalities are now placed on enhanced drought alert in the North of France. On Friday 26th July 2019, the prefect of the Hauts-de-France decided to add 40 municipalities of the Yser […]

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Drought is spreading in France, water restriction measures have been taken in 61 departments.

Drought: Water Restrictions in 64 Departments, Measures Taken Near You

In total, 121 orders to force individuals and professionals to save water. These water restrictions are due to continue until the end of the summer as the drought spreads Sun and heat. Summer weather that delights tourists and traders. But the lack of rain for several weeks is also and above all a source of concern in certain regions. And this drought […]

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Corsica has placed the island on watyer restrictions due to the drought weather conditions

Drought in Corsica: Water Restrictions Imposed Throughout the Summer

The episode of drought currently affecting Corsica led the Prefecture of Corsica to order water restrictions. The measure applies immediately and will remain effective until October, 2017. Haute-Corse prefecture on Wednesday ordered water restrictions measures with immediate effect and for the summer season in some areas of the island, because of the drought. “The dry spell […]

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The restrictions, which affect several areas of southern and western France, are of varying importance

Drought: 39 Departments Affected by Water Restrictions

The scorching heat of the week did not help the state of groundwater and streams. 39 departments are now affected by orders of restriction of water, against 30 on the 17th August.  Update on the situation in France. This scorching week did not help the state of groundwater and streams in areas where water was […]

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The lack of water has lead to water restrictions in the Mayenne

Lack of water: Extensive Water Restrictions Measures in Mayenne

The effects of the lack of rainfall is intensifying in Mayenne. Water restrictions are in force. Watering and irrigation are regulated in the southwest and east of the department. Alert threshold The level of rivers in the department betrays the lack of significant rainfall observed since the summer. The effects of this lack of rain […]

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