What impact could the coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic have on the future flu epidemic?

Coronavirus: What Impact Could the Pandemic Have on the Future Flu Epidemic?

Some doctors fear a double epidemic of Covid-19 and flu, so invite the French to be vaccinated against the seasonal flu As the number of Covid-19 cases continues to rise, the Department of Health and some doctors are questioning the impact the pandemic could have on the flu epidemic. In general, the flu, which affects […]

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In France, there has been over 2000 new cases of Coronavirus Cases

Coronavirus: With 2,846 New Cases in One Day, the Situation is Deteriorating in France

COVID-19: But the number of patients hospitalized in intensive care with coronavirus continues to decline, with 367 patients, or 7 fewer in 24 hours With 2,846 new cases of coronavirus in twenty-four hours “the situation is deteriorating” in France, summarized the Director-General of Health, Jérôme Salomon. The positivity rate continues to increase, with now 2.4% of people tested who […]

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In the Montmartre district in Paris, Parisians wear the mask which has become compulsory on August 11, 2020

Covid-19: Why There is No Consensus on Wearing a Mask in the Street

Wearing a mask in the street continues to impose itself almost everywhere in France. However, if some salutes its usefulness, others doubt it. Update on a controversial measure. More and more cities impose the wearing of the mask outside and the Prime Minister called on August 11th from Montpellier to “extend as much as possible” this obligation. But there is no consensus […]

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Coronavirus: United Kingdom imposes a quarantine on travelers coming from France, Paris strikes back

Coronavirus: United Kingdom Imposes a Quarantine on Travellers Coming from France, Paris Strikes Back

CONTAMINATION: The government indicated that “reciprocity measures” would be taken on Travellers from the United Kingdom The United Kingdom drew the wrath of Paris on Thursday by announcing a mandatory two-week quarantine for people from France, due to a deterioration in the health situation. France immediately indicated that a “reciprocity measure” would be put in place. The British decision will […]

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Coronavirus: 1,397 new cases in 24 hours and an increasing number of hospitalisations

Coronavirus: 1,397 New Cases in 24 Hours and an Increasing Number of Hospitalisations

EPIDEMIC: The number of positive coronavirus cases confirmed in a week is also higher The Prime Minister called on the French to pull themselves together to avoid a resumption of the Coronavirus Covid-19 epidemic, pleading for the wearing of the mask despite the heatwave. According to the daily report from the Directorate General of Health (DGS), France recorded […]

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785 new coronavirus cases in 24 hours, a smaller increase than last week

Coronavirus: 785 New Cases in 24 Hours, a Smaller Increase than Last Week

EPIDEMIC: This daily increase of coronavirus cases is however smaller than that observed last week, the Directorate General of Health said on Monday. The epidemic is progressing a little more. The number of people diagnosed positive for Covid-19 has increased in the past 24 hours with 785 new cases, a daily increase however less significant than that observed last […]

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The issue of immunity and protection against Covid-19 is still poorly understood by researchers.

Immunity, Infection, Contagion: The Answers to your Questions about Covid-19

Are patients cured of Covid-19 vaccinated? Have asymptomatics developed immunity? Are some naturally protected? We take stock. This is one of the points that has mobilized researchers for months. Can we be immune to Covid-19? The question is simple, but science is fumbling. However, leads are starting to emerge. But before discussing them, it should be understood that being immune does not necessarily mean being […]

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French researchers suspect a protein to play a role in severe forms of coronavirus

Coronavirus: French Researchers Suspect a Protein to Play a Role in Severe Forms

RESEARCH: This is calprotectin, present at a very high level in patients with a severe form of the coronavirus disease. A new avenue of research to fight the Covid-19 epidemic. French researchers hypothesize that a protein produced by the body plays an important role in severe forms of the coronavirus. Clinical trials must be carried out to confirm it, and thus fight […]

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Freedom of doctors to prescribe

Is the Freedom of Doctors to Prescribe Intact?

Minister Véran should perhaps not have used the words “must not” Interim decision: the press release from the Minister of Solidarity and Health published on May 27th, 2020, cannot be regarded as likely to produce significant effects on the rights or the situation of health professionals or patients, tells us Me Krikorian reading the ordinance. […]

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Coronavirus: "The future of the epidemic is in the hands of citizens", warns the Scientific Council

Coronavirus: “The Future of the Epidemic is in the Hands of Citizens”, Warns the Scientific Council

EPIDEMIC: The Scientific Council still considers “highly probable that a second wave of the coronavirus epidemic will be observed in the fall or winter” It is a message that he keeps hammering. “The balance is fragile and we can switch at any time” towards an uncontrolled resumption of the Coronavirus Covid-19 epidemic in France, warns the Scientific Council which guides the […]

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