European Union looks at common vaccine certificates to help summer tourism amid pandemic

European Union Looks at Common Vaccine Certificates to Help Summer Tourism Amid Pandemic

The European Union is looking at a common vaccine certificate to help get travellers to their vacation destinations and prevent tourism from suffering another disastrous year due to the coronavirus pandemic. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said the certificates for individuals who have been vaccinated could be combined with coronavirus Covid-19 tests for […]

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Pfizer announces that its vaccine against Covid-19 is "90% effective"

Coronavirus: Towards a “Vaccination Certificate” to go to the Theatre or to a Restaurant?

A quote from Christophe Barbier, viral on social networks, suggests that a “vaccination certificate” would condition our trips in the future. In fact, the editor made this proposal on his Twitter account, it is not a government project A publication widely relayed on Facebook suggests that the vaccine against Covid-19 could become a kind of “pass” […]

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