System U threatens to remove overpriced brands from its shelves

Inflation: System U Threatens to Remove Overpriced Brands from its Shelves

CONSUMPTION: The CEO of U brands believes that manufacturers are not playing the game while the costs of raw materials and energy have fallen “The time is to make more radical choices, including in this consumption  ”. Invited to the BFMTV set on Tuesday evening, the chairman and CEO of System U threatened to withdraw from the shelves certain brands […]

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Several brands have withdrawn lots of salmon from the sale because of the risk of Listeria

Listeria: Salmon Sold at Carrefour, U and Casino Stores Recalled

Several lots of Carrefour, U and Casino brand Salmon are being recalled due to contamination with listeria, a bacteria dangerous to health. Fish department alert. Several lots of salmon sold at Carrefour, the U and Casino stores are currently the subject of a recall, according to the site specializing in recalls of Oulah products. They are said to be contaminated […]

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