Brexit: "Not sure" to have an agreement with the British by the end of the year, warns Macron

Brexit: “Not Sure” to Have an Agreement with the British by the End of the Year, warns Macron

NEGOTIATIONS: Negotiations are just beginning between the UK and the EU on the exit terms of Brexit It is far from over. Emmanuel Macron said on Saturday that he was “not sure” that negotiations between the European Union and the United Kingdom will be successful by the end of 2020, while  Brexit is now in effect. “I am not sure that we will have a […]

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson and EU negotiator Michel Barnier on October 17, 2019 in Brussels.

EU and London Join Post-Brexit Battle

The European Union and the United Kingdom must agree on the new contours of their relationship, in particular on the commercial level. Fishing is a major issue. The European Union and the United Kingdom embark on Monday 3rd February 2020 in the post-Brexit battle by displaying the red lines of their future relationship, which remains to be built at the cost of arduous […]

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Demonstration against Ceta in Paris, July 16, 2019.

Ceta: The Ratification of the Controversial EU-Canada Agreement Voted in the Assembly

The French deputies approved Tuesday 23rd July 2019 the ratification of the free trade agreement between the EU and Canada (Ceta), with a record of disputes within LREM. Despite a record number of protests in the LREM majority group, the ratification of the controversial Free Trade Agreement between the EU and Canada (Ceta) was approved Tuesday 23rd […]

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CETA: The European Parliament Validates the Trade Treaty with Canada

MEPs ratified the CETA trade agreement of free trade between the EU and Canada on Wednesday 15th February, at a session in Strasbourg. The treaty will be able to partially take effect from the 1st April. But there is still a big hurdle for the text: the ratification by national parliaments. In case of rejection […]

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Donald Tusk, President of the European Council, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker sign CETA free trade agreement

CETA: The EU and Canada Sign Free Trade Agreement

The EU and Canada signed Sunday in Brussels their free trade agreement (CETA), ending two weeks of psychodrama with Belgium and French-speaking region of Wallonie blocking this signature. Canada and the EU signed in Brussels on Sunday CETA treaty of free trade, designed to boost trade and jobs, after weeks of uncertainty related to temporary […]

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