“The explosive gross margins” of distributors denounced by a consumer association

Fuels: “The Explosive Gross Margins” of Distributors Denounced by a Consumer Association

INFLATION: Prices at the fuel pump “must decrease by 10 cents” per litre, estimates the CLCV The consumer association CLCV accuses, on Wednesday, fuel distributors of having garnered “explosive gross margins” on gasoline and oil over the past four months, judging that prices at the pump “must decrease by 10 cents » per litre. “Mass distribution and oil […]

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TotalEnergies signs a billion dollar agreement with an Emirati gas company

TotalEnergies Signs a Billion Dollar Agreement with an Emirati Gas Company

On Monday 1st May, the French company TotalEnergies signed an agreement worth one billion dollars, or €900,000,000, with the Emirati gas company ADNOC Gas. The agreement is valid for three years. The Emirati gas company ADNOC Gas announced on Monday 1st May agreement of at least one billion dollars with the French company TotalEnergies to supply it […]

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Petrol Refinery blocked against the pension reform

Pension Reform: The Shutdown of the Facilities at the TotalEnergies Refinery in Normandy Began on Friday Evening

STRIKE: This blockage should not cause fuel shortages The shutdown of the facilities at the TotalEnergies refinery in Normandy, the largest in France, “started Friday evening”, declared this Saturday by the secretary general of the CGT of the Normandy platform, Alexis Antonioli. “The units have been on hold since last night,” he added. However, this shutdown will take several days and […]

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The unions are blocking the fuel depots over Pension Reform

Strike of 7th March: Movement Strong in Refineries, Shipments of Fuel Blocked

PENSION REFORM: Blocking fuel shipments does not create a shortage at gas stations, but an extension could lead to it No shipment of fuels leaving French refineries will take place on Tuesday. On the occasion of the national mobilization against the pension reform, they were all blocked, told AFP the CGT-Chimie and TotalEnergies, without creating a shortage in service stations. […]

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TotalEnergies has decided not to increase fuel above 2 euros for the whole of 2023

Inflation: Can Total’s Decision to Cap the Price of fuel have a Snowball Effect?

SUPERPROFITS:  TotalEnergies has decided not to increase fuel above 2 euros for the whole of 2023. Will other large companies follow suit? On Wednesday, TotalEnergies announced that it would cap the price of petrol and diesel at 1.99 euros for the whole of 2023. A decision which follows an appeal from Emmanuel Macron. The government continues […]

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TotalEnergies announce their biggest profit in history

Superprofits: The Oil Group TotalEnergies Reaps the Biggest Profit in its History

ENRICHMENT: The oil group, TotalEnergies took advantage of the surge in gas and oil prices in the wake of the war in Ukraine The profits of TotalEnergies are at their highest as a strike is renewed Wednesday morning in most refineries. The fifth-largest oil group in the world unveiled on Wednesday a net profit for the year 2022 of 20.5 […]

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TotalEnergies: Diesel and SP95 capped at 1.99 euros this year in its French stations

TotalEnergies: Diesel and SP95 Capped at 1.99 Euros This Year in its French stations

NO INCREASE: The TotalEnergies cap will come into effect this weekend on the motorway and in early March at other stations The litre of 95 unleaded petrol or diesel will be capped at 1.99 euros this year in the 3,400 TotalEnergies service stations in France, its CEO announced on Wednesday, the day after President Emmanuel Macron’s request […]

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Pyrénées-Atlantiques: In the Lacq basin, TotalEnergies launches its largest biogas plant

Pyrénées-Atlantiques: In the Lacq basin, TotalEnergies Launches its Largest Biogas Plant

ENERGY: In Mourenx, which for sixty years was the largest natural gas deposit exploited in France, the industrial site is now focusing on renewable energies It is the largest methanizer in France. In Mourenx (Pyrénées-Atlantiques) , the new TotalEnergies site, BioBéarn, produced its first cubic meters of biogas in January and should eventually supply 30,000 households annually. In this town in […]

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TotalEnergies dangles new discounts at the pump

TotalEnergies Dangles New Discounts at the Pump

HALF PROMISE: The CEO of the Totalenergies group, which made record profits in 2022, conditions these rebates on an end to the strikes against the pension reform TotalEnergies made record profits in 2022. But while diesel is approaching 2 euros per litre, the group dangled French motorists on Wednesday with discounts at the pump. On one condition: that strikes against pension reform, particularly in […]

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Strike renewed at TotalEnergies, in most refineries against pension reforms

Pension Reform: Strike Renewed at TotalEnergies, in Most Refineries

SOCIAL STRUGGLE: After the third day of mobilisation on Tuesday against the pension reform project carried by the government, the CGT announces a renewal of the strike in the refineries at TotalEnergies TotalEnergies strikers renewed the movement on Wednesday morning against the government’s pension reform project in most of the group’s refineries, we learned from the CGT. The union […]

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