TikTok: After four months of investigation, the Senate castigates the lack of transparency of the application

TikTok: After Four Months of Investigation, the Senate Castigates the Lack of Transparency of the Application

BAD TACTIC: The Senate released this Thursday the conclusions of its commission of inquiry called “The TikTok Tactic: opacity, addiction and Chinese Shadows” “The TikTok Tactic: Opacity, Addiction and Chinese Shadows”. Here is the name of the Commission of inquiry meeting in the Senate this Thursday to make the conclusions around the interference of the Chinese […]

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Emmanuel Macron speech on the death of Nahel

Death of Nahel: Role of Video Games, Parents, Social Networks… The essence of Emmanuel Macron’s Speech

RECAP: Following the meeting of the interministerial cell on violence in France, the President of the Republic announced the establishment of “additional means” Emmanuel Macron denounced Friday “an unacceptable instrumentalization of the death of a teenager” following the death of young Nahel during a police check in Nanterre. The president also announced that “additional means” would […]

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TikTok: Montana becomes the first US state to ban the app

TikTok: Montana Becomes the First US State to Ban the App

Many US lawmakers believe the TikTok platform allows Beijing to spy on and manipulate users In the United States, the war against TikTok took a new step on Wednesday. The governor of Montana has signed into law the law banning the app in that US state, marking the start of a likely legal battle all the way […]

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TikTok is getting tougher on AI created images

TikTok Takes Steps to Frame AI-generated Images

DEEPFAKE: “AI can make it harder to distinguish between fact and fiction, which carries both societal and individual risks,” the company said. TikTok officials recently announced their intention to regulate the use of artificial intelligence (AI) on the social network. Among the measures taken is the prohibition since Tuesday of images showing private persons generated by an AI such […]

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The BBC has asked journalists not to use TikTok app

TikTok: The BBC Invites its Journalists to Remove the Application from their Professional Phones

SPYING: “If you don’t need TikTok for work, you should delete TikTok,” management said. Concerns of Chinese spying via TikTok continue. After several European and American institutions , the BBC encouraged its staff and journalists to remove TikTok from work phones. The British media giant reports in an article published on its site that staff received an email on Sunday in which the group says they “do not recommend […]

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The French Minister of Digital receives TikTok on Friday

The French Minister of Digital Receives TikTok on Friday

VIDEO: The Chinese giant, TikTok faces strong criticism in the Czech Republic and the United States TikTok will be received by the Minister Delegate for Digital Jean-Noël Barrot on Friday. The latter will discuss with Erich Andersen, general counsel of ByteDance, parent company of TikTok. On the program: “the company’s roadmap and commitments” as well as a “precise […]

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TikTok follows Netflix in "time spent" on platforms

United States: TikTok Follows Netflix in “Time Spent” on Platforms

GREAT SHAPE: The Chinese platform, TikTok had already surpassed YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook Beijing and Washington do not only clash with a “spy” balloon. The competition between the two powers is also played out at the platform level, and China, thanks to TikTok, is winning. After surpassing YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook in “time spent” by American adults on each platform, the platform, which […]

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Could watching videos on TikTok become a paid service?

TikTok: Watching Videos Could Soon Become Paid

PAYWALL: A one-dollar digital toll could be imposed to access certain high-value content on TikTok Will TikTok become paid? According to the American site The Information, the Chinese social network would indeed consider establishing a paywall to allow content creators to increase their remuneration. In other words, it would be a digital toll through which some Internet users will have to pass […]

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In Lyon, A third suspect arrested in the murder case broadcast on TikTok

Lyon: A Third Suspect Arrested in the Murder Case Broadcast on TikTok

INVESTIGATION: The Lyon public prosecutor’s office indicated that a third suspect had been arrested in the case of the murder filmed for TikTok. The two men suspected of being the attackers were already indicted last week It would be the holder of the TikTok account on which the images were broadcast, according to Le Progrès. A third suspect was arrested and […]

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How China is protecting its children and making ours stupid with two different versions of TikTok

How China is Protecting its Children and Making Ours Stupid with Two Different Versions of TikTok

TECHNOLOGY: The differences between the Chinese and international versions of TikTok raise a question: that of the cutinization of youth by foreign soft power. “On their version of TikTok, if you’re under 14, they show you science experiments to do at home, museum tours, patriotic or educational videos. And they limit usage to forty minutes a […]

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