Mercedes improves autonomous driving with automatic lane change

Mercedes Improves Autonomous Driving with Automatic Lane Change

AUTO: Mercedes beats Tesla to the post by being the first manufacturer to launch automatic lane change in Europe Mercedes earns points in the race for autonomous driving. Level 2 “driver assistance” is now improved with the automatic lane change function (called ALT) soon to be available in Europe. A novelty is already available in the United States and Canada on […]

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Elon Musk, the boss of SpaceX, Twitter and Tesla in particular, met his French fans at VivaTech

VivaTech: Why Does Emmanuel Macron Flirt so much with Elon Musk?

ELON MANIA:  3,600 people, handpicked, waited a long time on Friday in the Parisian heat to attend the Elon Musk show, at the VivaTech show VivaTech hit hard this year: the famous American entrepreneur put on the show for an hour in front of 3,600 handpicked people, after talking to Emmanuel Macron. While he came […]

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Tesla Cybertruck has some basic engineering problems

Tesla: Cybertruck Pickup has “Basic Engineering Shortcomings”

AUTO: In internal Tesla documents leaked a few weeks ago, we learn that the Cybertruck pickup has been affected from the start by shortcomings in areas considered basic Unveiled with fanfare in 2019, the Tesla Cybertruck was to upset the established order, in a particularly crucial category in the United States. But after multiple delays, it shouldn’t arrive until […]

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Elon Musk is to meet with Emmanuel Macron

Emmanuel Macron Receives Elon Musk, Boss of Twitter and Tesla

ENCOUNTER: Emmanuel Macron will discuss “the attractiveness of France and its industries” with Elon Musk After the visit of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, Emmanuel Macron made a choice more focused on the economy and innovation. The French president receives the boss of Tesla and Twitter, Elon Musk, this Monday morning at the Élysée on the sidelines of the “Choose France” summit, announced […]

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Tesla: Employees complain of being constantly monitored and treated "like robots"

Tesla: Employees Complain of Being Constantly Monitored and Treated “Like Robots”

CLAIMS: Some employees working in Boston threaten to form a union if Tesla does not loosen its surveillance Soon a union within Tesla? It would be a first. But it is in any case the threat brandished by some of the employees of the offices of the city of Buffalo ( United States ), according to information from  Bloomberg relayed by our colleagues […]

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To protect the environment, Elon Musk bans the purchase of a Tesla with bitcoins

Pollution: To Protect the Environment, Elon Musk Bans the Purchase of a Tesla with Bitcoins

AWARENESS: The coal needs for cryptocurrency mining are worrying. Tesla will return to bitcoins when “mines are powered by more sustainable energy” While some of his statements helped drive up the most famous cryptocurrency in particular, Elon Musk took a step backwards on bitcoin on Wednesday. The boss of Tesla announced that his electric vehicle company no longer accepts this currency […]

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Elon Musk says that the Model Model Y will be top seller in 2023

Tesla: For Elon Musk, Model Y will be the World’s Best-Selling Car in 2023

AMBITION: Elon Musk bets on producing more than 1.5 million of the Tesla electric SUV each year, up from a few hundred thousand today Once again, Elon Musk clearly shows his ambition. For him, the Tesla Model Y will be the best-selling car in the world from 2022, or 2023 at the latest. The boss of the Californian manufacturer made the announcement on the occasion […]

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Tesla has invested the equivalent of $ 1.5 billion in bitcoin.

Bitcoin: What Consequences Can Elon Musk and Tesla’s Announcements Have?

CRYTOCURRENCY: Tesla company announced Monday that it has invested $ 1.5 billion in bitcoin A few weeks ago, the boss and SpaceX, Elon Musk, blew the price of bitcoin by simply showing the emoji of this cryptocurrency in his biography on Twitter. On February 8, his auto company, Tesla, announced that it had invested the equivalent […]

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Extension of confinement is "fascist" and "not democratic" for Elon Musk

United States: Extension of Confinement is “Fascist” and “Not Democratic” for Elon Musk

EPIDEMIC: Confinement has been extended in California and in particular in Fremont, the city housing the American Tesla plant near San Francisco For Elon Musk, extending the confinement to stem the spread of the Covid-19 is “fascist,” said the whimsical boss of Tesla on Wednesday during the conference call analyzing the company’s quarterly results. “The extension of confinement (…) forcibly imprisons people […]

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Rivian RT1 model at the “International Auto Show” in New York last April.

With Rivian, Tesla could have a Serious Competitor in 2020 in the Electric Car Market

INNOVATION: The significant financial support from which the Michigan start-up Rivian proves that it inspires confidence, believes its general manager Rivian, a startup specializing in electric vehicles, has confirmed that it has the wind in its sails by announcing, on Monday, successful fundraising of nearly 1.2 billion euros. The American company founded in 2009 presents itself as […]

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