Storm Marcel: Nine departments in Orange alert 1

Storm Marcel: Nine departments in Orange alert

Nine departments of southern France are orange alert for strong winds until 4pm on Monday. This Sunday, the storm “Marcel” has caused no major damage but almost 56 000 homes were still without electricity in the afternoon. After the storm Leiv, there is now a new depression and storm Marcel, with gusts up to 141 km/h, […]

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Storm Leiv has left 60,000 homes without electricity in the Southwest France

Storm Leiv swept the Southwest, 60,000 Homes without Electricity

Meteo France lifted the orange alert to the winds, triggered by the passage of storm Leiv for all departments. 250,000 homes were without electricity early afternoon but things are gradually returning to normal. They are no more than about 60 000 this Saturday night. 2000 Enedis technicians are hard at work. Wind gusts to 148 […]

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High Winds from Storm Leiv has left 250,000 homes without power

Storm Leiv: At Least 250,000 Homes without Electricity, End of Red Alert

WEATHER: The storm Leiv caused wind gusts recorded at 148 km/h in Cap Ferret on the Gironde coast … We were expecting a storm of exceptional violence. At least 250,000 homes were without electricity Saturday morning after the passage of the storm “Leiv” in three departments of the Southwest of France (Charente, Charente-Maritime and Gironde), […]

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Homes in the Vendée are still without power after Storm Leiv

Storm Leiv in Vendée: Still Homes Without Power

The bulk of Storm Leiv has passed. However, 5,500 homes were left without electricity for 10 hours. The Enedis teams are hard at work for a quick recovery. The winds are weakening across the department, falling below 80 km/hour on the coast. The Noirmoutier Bridge is open to traffic.  5,500 households are without electricity. These […]

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Storm Leiv hits the Atlantic Coast with high winds and rain

Storm Leiv Hits the Atlantic Coast

As expected, the storm Leiv began to hit on Saturday morning,on the Atlantic coast and mainly focused on three departments, Charente, Charente-Maritime and Gironde which are on Red Alert for “winds”. The weather system of exceptional power could cause major damage in several places along the Atlantic coast. The warning of high winds is also […]

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Rain and high winds expected with storm Leiv

Weather: Exceptional Storm Leiv will Cross the Gironde Saturday

WEATHER: The prefecture has taken drastic measures to deal with high winds that are coming in Gironde Saturday morning with the closure of the Aquitaine bridge … It is a storm of exceptional violence, much more active than that which hit north-western France on Friday, looming in Gironde Saturday morning, warns the prefecture. ⚠?La #Gironde est […]

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