Near Lyons: This Star Academy-like Chateau For Sale 1

Near Lyons: This Star Academy-like Chateau For Sale

In the Haut-Beaujolais, 1 hour from Lyon, a luxurious chateau for sale for nearly 2 million euros. Its external appearance resembles that, very famous, of the Star Academy. Red bricks and white stones, grey roof, small central alley, large park all around… This chateau could almost be confused with that of Vives-Eaux in Seine-et-Marne, which was […]

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Star Academy singer Lucie Bernardoni suffers side effects after AstraZeneca vaccine

Star Academy Singer Lucie Bernardoni Suffers Side Effects after AstraZeneca Vaccine

MUSIC: On Twitter, Lucie Bernardoni pushed a big rant against Emmanuel Macron, and for good reason, at 34, she was vaccinated with the AstraZeneca vaccine … which should no longer be administered to those under 55. Vaccination in France has been criticized for a few months and recent doubts about the AstraZeneca vaccine have not helped. Indeed, the use […]

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Edu del Prado has died aged 40 years old

Edu del Prado, Actor of “Un, Dos, Tres” and Candidate of “The Voice”, Died at 40

TELEVISION: Edu del Prado was also known to the French public as a singing teacher of the “Star Ac” … He was only 40 years old. Well known fans of the series Un, Dos, tres , where he interpreted César, Edu del Prado died Saturday in Valencia in Spain, reports the website Broadway World, stating that the causes of […]

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