The New McLaren 750S

McLaren 750 S: New, or Almost

AUTO: The prodigious McLaren 720S has a replacement. It is called 750S, and its main novelty is already announced in this name. Less popular than Ferrari or Lamborghini, McLaren has absolutely nothing to envy in terms of technical excellence and driving experience. But the sales of the English brand are far below those of the others, and the result is […]

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Gordon Murray Automotive T50

The Inventor of the McLaren F1 Presents his Turbine Supercar!

AUTO: The brilliant engineer Gordon Murray has finally presented the supercar that bears his name. Surprise: a strange turbine sits at the end of the rear cover … At first glance, the Gordon Murray Automotive T50 is reminiscent of the McLaren F1 Road Car designed by Gordon Murray in 1993. The style, the silhouette, the opening of the elytral […]

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