Speed ​​cameras: New road signs installed on French roads

Speed ​​Cameras: New Road Signs Installed on French Roads

ROAD SAFETY: No reference to the safety of motorists will be indicated On French roads, signs indicating automatic speed cameras appeared in 2003 with the arrival of these devices. Motorists are therefore familiar with these different signs and their meanings. But these will change soon. Thus, all the signs announcing the presence of automatic speed cameras on which appeared the words “for your […]

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For road safety, speed on some roads will be reduced to 80km/h

Road Safety: Speed to be Lowered 80 km/h on National Routes?

To improve road safety, the speed should be reduced to 80 km/h on national roads and roads with two lanes with no centre divider. This is information from Le Point that the government will confirm in 2018 the passage of roads without physical separation at 80 km / h. This lowered limit of 10 km/h will be confined solely […]

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The speed on the ring road around Rennes will revert back to 90 km/h from midnight

Rennes: Ring Road returns to 90 km/h this Evening at Midnight

For a year, the speed was lowered by 20 km/h on the busy ring road around Rennes … Motorists will be able to adjust their speed on Friday night.  At midnight, motorists can again travel at 90 km/h on the Rennes ring road.  For the past year, the prefecture and the city of Rennes had taken the decision […]

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