The UK has reported 77 cases of the South African mutation of Coronavirus

UK has Detected 77 Cases of South African Mutation of Coronavirus

MUTATION: There have been 77 cases of the South African mutant strain of coronavirus now detected in the UK. The UK Health Secretary, Matt Hancock gave the figure this morning, saying that all of the cases of the South African mutation of the coronavirus seen so far were in people who had recently travelled. Mr […]

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France are leaders of countries against the coronavirus Covid-19 vaccine

Coronavirus: France “World Champion” of Anti-Vaccine according to a Survey Carried Out in 15 Countries

INVESTIGATION: France is the country where the population is the most sceptical of the coronavirus Covid-19 vaccine according to a survey carried out in 15 countries and published on Tuesday Only 4 in 10 French people want to be vaccinated against Covid-19, according to a survey * published on Tuesday. It gives France the place of “world champion” of the refractory countries, […]

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For the first time, the British variant of the coronavirus has been detected

Coronavirus: The British Mutated Coronavirus Variant Detected for the First Time in France

EPIDEMIC: This mutation of the coronavirus would be much more contagious but would not be more deadly than the traditional version The first case of contamination by the coronavirus Covid-19 mutated variant that appeared in the United Kingdom was detected in France on Friday, two days before the launch, in France, of the vaccination campaign against the virus. The presence of this variant was confirmed […]

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Arnold Schwarzenegger was attacked in South Africa

VIDEO: Arnold Schwarzenegger Gets Kicked Hard in the Back

Saturday 18th May, 2019, the actor and former governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger attending a competition in South Africa when he was attacked by a fan … who wanted a Lamborghini. It is a sequence for the least unlikely. Arnold Schwarzenegger took a violent kick in the back as he was attending a jump rope competition in South […]

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Morgan Lagravière, Thursday suffered a damage in the Vendée Globe, arrived in South Africa in Cape Town on Saturday.

Vendée Globe: Morgan Lagravière arrived in South Africa

Morgan Lagravière, ranked well in this years Vendée Globe, was forced to retire due to damage on Thursday. The rookie has arrived this morning at 9.30, in Cape Town, South Africa. Forced to retire from the Vendée Globe after damage suffered by his Safran monohull on Thursday, Morgan Lagravière arrived this morning at 9.30, in Cape […]

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