Big problems on the rail network due to SNCF Strike

SNCF Strike Sunday: 2 TGV out of 3, 1 TER in 2, Very Distrupted Traffic on Rail Network

The SNCF strike continues, causing many problems on the rail network. TGVs and TERs are affected everywhere in France on the day of the opening of the baccalaureate exams. Two TGV out of three will circulate Sunday 17th June 2018 in the context of the 16th episode of strike at the SNCF, announced the management in […]

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Traffic forecasts for the SNCF Strike on 3rd June

SNCF Strike: Traffic still Disrupted on Sunday 3rd June with 2 TGVs out of 3 and 1 TER out of 2 in Circulation

SNCF revealed this Saturday night its traffic forecast for the day of June 3. Many trains will not circulate during this 26th episode of railway workers’ SNCF strike. Two TGVs out of three, one TER out of two and two Intercités out of five are announced. SNCF traffic will be disturbed again Sunday, for the 26th day of […]

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Very disturbed rail traffic in Toulouse and Occitanie because of SNCF Strike

SNCF Strike: “Very Disturbed” Traffic to be Expected in Toulouse and Occitanie, Monday and Tuesday

Because of the strike at the SNCF, major disturbances are expected on the railway lines of Occitanie, Monday 23rd and Tuesday 24th April, 2018. Traffic forecasts. Both dates were ticked on the agenda, among the famous 36-day strike  at the SNCF, where agents are still mobilised to defend the status of railway workers rights. Traffic “very disturbed” […]

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Few trains will circulate in Normandy, Monday, April 23, 2018 because of the strike of the railwaymen.

SNCF Strike in Normandy: Still Very Few Trains will Circulate, Traffic Forecasts

Traffic will be once again very disrupted in Normandy on Monday 23rd April, 2018 due to the SNCF strike started at the beginning of the month by railway workers. The forecasts. The train traffic  will be still  very disturbed  Monday, April 23, 2018 in Normandy. A new movement started Sunday, April 22 . Forecast in Normandy Traffic will be very disrupted […]

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Very disrupted rail traffic for the latest SNCF Strike

SNCF Strike: One TGV Out of Five, One TER and One Transilien Out of Three on Sunday

A TGV and a Intercity out of five, a TER and a Transilien out of three will ride this Sunday, according to the forecast announced Saturday by the SNCF for the third day of strike. A TGV and a Intercity out of five, a TER and a Transilien out of three will roll Sunday, according […]

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Normandy is one of the most affected of the SNCF Strike

SNCF Strike: Disrupted Rail Traffic, Normandy is One of the Most Affected Regions

The ongoing strike of the SNCF unions resumes on Saturday 7th April, 2018, at 7pm. Rail traffic should still be very seriously disrupted in Normandy, Sunday and Monday. One out of four trips (train or bus) will take place in Normandy, for the third day of the bumpy SNCF strike on Sunday 8th April 2018. A very disturbed traffic The […]

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SNCF rail traffic will be severely disrupted from Monday evening, 2 April, due to a national strike.

SNCF Strike: 12% of TGVs will Circulate on Tuesday, Discover Traffic Forecasts

The railway workers start on Monday, April 2 at 7pm their “bumpy strike” movement. RER, TER, TGV, Intercity trains … Discover the SNCF rail traffic forecasts. Due to a national strike , rail traffic will be severely disrupted on Monday, April 2nd from 7pm until April 5th, 8am. April 3 and 4 are the first two days of this […]

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SNCF CEO Guillaume Pepy warned on Sunday that there would be "closed lines" (© AFP / Archives / ERIC PIERMONT)

SNCF Strike: “Lines will be Closed” alerts Guillaume Pépy

With the railway workers’ strike starting Monday (April 2nd), Guillaume Pépy, the head of the SNCF, is formal: very few trains will circulate and there will be “closed lines”. SNCF CEO Guillaume Pepy warned Sunday that there would be ” closed lines ” because of the strike that begins Monday , while Minister of Transport Elisabeth Borne blasted an “incomprehensible” movement. In […]

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Train traffic will be very disrupted

Strike at the SNCF: “Very Few Trains” will Run After 7pm Monday

The SNCF advises travellers to give up the train after 7pm, Monday 2nd April, because of the strike. 36 days of disturbances are expected until the end of June. The SNCF has advised Friday travelers to forgo taking the train from 19h Monday.  Time to start a strike that “will disturb much” traffic, according to group boss Guillaume Pepy. “The strike will […]

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