Facebook announced on September 28 that some 50 million accounts had been hacked.

New Crisis for Facebook: More than 50 Million hacked Accounts

The social network Facebook has been hacked. A security breach has affected more than 50 million accounts worldwide. Explanations. Some 50 million Facebook accounts have been hacked because of a security breach, a large-scale attack that is reviving criticism of the social network that has already been severely undermined by controversies, particularly around the protection of personal data. This ubiquitous […]

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Cyber attacks against users of the Instagram social network have multiplied since July 2018

Instagram: Cyber ​​Attacks Multiply on the Social Network

WEB: Instagram users are abused by an email that seems to come from the social network that asks them to renew their password … Instagramers are the target of a series of cyberattacks that has been accelerating since the end of July, according to cybersecurity specialist Kaspersky Labs. In a statement released on Thursday, the Russian company said […]

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Two planned attacks in France have been folied

Two Planned Attacks Foiled in France, Three Men Arrested

Two planned attacks, one against a libertine club and the other aimed at homosexuals, were foiled in France and three men were arrested. Two plans for jihadist attacks  have been defeated by the intelligence services, bringing to five the number of acts of impunity prevented since the beginning of the year. France, under constant threat since […]

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Will there be any Giant screens for the World Cup 2018

World Cup 2018: Will There be Broadcasts on Giant Screens?

The Interior Ministry has announced that there will be no retransmission of the matches of the World Cup 2018 on large screens in public spaces, unless security conditions are strict The broadcasts of the matches of the next football World Cup in Russia will be banned in the public space unless security conditions are strict , because of the […]

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Mont-Saint-Michel had to be evacuated and closed to tourists on April 22, 2018 by the gendarmerie

Mont-Saint-Michel Evacuated Because of a Suspicious Individual: “There Was No Panic”

The Mont-Saint-Michel closed because of a suspect individual should reopen to tourists this Sunday 22nd April in the afternoon. The préfet spoke and witnesses told the facts. The Mont-Saint-Michel , one of the most visited sites in France, was evacuated and closed to tourists as a precaution this Sunday 22nd April, 2018 in the morning by the police […]

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Despite the winds, thousands celebrate New Years eve in Paris

New Year: Despite the Wind, the Celebration on the Champs Elysees

Hundreds of thousands of people gathered on Sunday 31st December, 2017 on the Champs-Elysees in Paris to celebrate the transition to the 2018 New Year “3, 2, 1 … 2018! “Several hundred thousand people gathered Sunday on the Champs Elysees in Paris , braving wind gusts to” bury 2017 “and celebrate the new year, under heavy police security. After the […]

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The Strasbourg Christmas market opens on Friday under high security

Strasbourg Opens on Friday a “Christmas market XXL” under High Security

The Christmas market in Strasbourg, after two editions tightened because of the terrorist threat, opens Friday in a “Version XXL” … The Strasbourg Christmas market opens this Friday in a “Version XXL” extended by one week and more extensive, but still under surveillance. Two million visitors of all nationalities are expected in the Alsatian capital for this […]

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The Anti terrorism law will replace the state of emergency

Are We Really Finished with the State of Emergency?

SECURITY: The state of emergency ends Wednesday 1st November. However, it will still be possible to use in the future to this alternative system … President Hollande has declared a state of emergency in the night of November 13, 2015. In force for almost two years, it will end Wednesday. France will have lived under […]

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Emmanuel Macron signs the Anti Terrorism law to replace State of Emergency

Emmanuel Macron Signs the Anti-Terrorism Law that replaces State of Emergency

SECURITY: The president said that the law “will come into force tomorrow.” But it should be implemented when the state of emergency will end on Wednesday at midnight, according to the Elysee … The President signed on Monday, before the cameras in his office at the Elysee Palace, the anti-terrorism law that will replace the state of […]

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Due to Terrorist Threat, France is to maintain Border Controls

Terrorist Threat: France will Maintain the Border Controls until 30th April

Initially planned until October 31st, border controls will be extended until April 30, 2018 in France. The reason: “persistence” of the terrorist threat. France will maintain until the 30th April, 2018 border controls reinstated on the evening of the attacks of the 13th November 2015, arguing that the continued  “persistence” of the terrorist threat , we have learned this Thursday […]

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