Covid-19 vaccine from Johnson & Johnson soon to be in Europe

Vaccination: Johnson & Johnson will Start Deliveries to Europe on April 19th

VACCINATION: A new Covid-19 vaccine from Johnson & Johnson is coming to Europe very soon The vaccine against coronavirus Covid-19 by the US laboratory Johnson & Johnson will be delivered in Europe from April 19th, the company said on Monday. This vaccine was, in mid-March, the fourth to obtain the green light from the European Medicines Agency, after those of Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna and AstraZeneca. It […]

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Chile is going back into strict confinement despite high vaccination rates

Despite Having A High Vaccination Rate, Chile is Going Back Into Confinement

Chile is the most advanced country in Latin America for Covid-19 vaccination, but it is facing a sharp upsurge in infections which has led the government to impose new strict confinement on more than 80% of the population. With a third of its population partially vaccinated and 17% having received both doses, Chile is the […]

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The coronavirus is said to compete with the seasonal flu.

Coronavirus: Virus Transmission Could Turn Seasonal, Study Finds

EPIDEMIC: In their first report, the researchers estimate that the coronavirus Covid-19 “would be a strongly seasonal disease if it persisted for several years” Even though there is still insufficient data to suggest relying on weather and air quality to tailor epidemic control measures, the transmission of the coronavirus could become seasonal, the UN said in a published report. this Thursday. More than […]

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A study by the Institut Pasteur explains that vaccination must be accompanied by additional health measures to slow the progress of coronavirus 

Coronavirus: Vaccination Will Not be Enough to Avoid the Increase in Hospitalisations, ensures the Pasteur Institute

A study by the Institut Pasteur explains that vaccination must be accompanied by additional health measures to slow the progress of coronavirus The progress of the vaccination campaign against coronavirus Covid-19 in France will not, without additional restrictions, prevent a jump in hospitalisations to a level above the peak of the first wave, estimates a study by the Institut Pasteur […]

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Lombardy, a region in northern Italy, announced on Wednesday the reopening from February 15 of its alpine ski facilities

Coronavirus in Italy: The Reopening of Ski Resorts is Blocked

COVID-19: This decision comes as the British mutation of coronavirus now accounts for 17.8% of new cases in Italy Italy has decided to keep ski resorts closed which were to reopen on Monday due to the spread of variants of the coronavirus, including the British mutation, the Ministry of Health announced on Sunday. Italy’s Health Minister Roberto Speranza signed […]

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New study ensures Covid-19 comes from a laboratory, with a probability of 99.8%

New Study Ensures Covid-19 Comes from a Laboratory, with a Probability of 99.8%

STUDY: American researcher Steven Quay concluded that coronavirus Covid-19 comes from a Laboratory *After studying 26 facts in search of the origin of the new coronavirus, the American researcher Steven Quay concluded: “that there [is] no reasonable doubt that SARS-CoV-2 has [had] escaped from” a laboratory ”with a probability of 99.8% and that it was not […]

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The numbers of coronavirus hospitalisations and resuscitations are increasing

Coronavirus: 404 Deaths in 24 Hours in France, the Number in Resuscitation Returns to its Level of mid-December

EPIDEMIC: The pressure on the hospital system increases again as coronavirus patients in intensive care rise The number of people with coronavirus Covid-19 hospitalised in the intensive care units on Monday crossed the 2,800 people mark, for the first time since mid-December, marking an increase in the pressure on the hospital system, according to Health figures public France. 2,803 […]

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The Coronavirus positivity rate has doubled in one week in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Coronavirus in Nouvelle-Aquitaine: The Positivity Rate Doubled in One Week

EPIDEMIC: The situation is partly explained by a return to normal screening practices, but also by a resumption of the circulation of Sars-Cov-2, Public Health analysis The positivity rate in Nouvelle-Aquitaine went from 1.9% to 4% during the last week of 2020. This is partly a return to normal screening practices, after a sharp increase just […]

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For the first time, the British variant of the coronavirus has been detected

Coronavirus: The British Mutated Coronavirus Variant Detected for the First Time in France

EPIDEMIC: This mutation of the coronavirus would be much more contagious but would not be more deadly than the traditional version The first case of contamination by the coronavirus Covid-19 mutated variant that appeared in the United Kingdom was detected in France on Friday, two days before the launch, in France, of the vaccination campaign against the virus. The presence of this variant was confirmed […]

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Should France be worried about new coronavirus Covid-19 mutation

Coronavirus: Should France be Worried about the Covid-19 Variant Detected in the United Kingdom?

EPIDEMIC: France and many countries have quarantined the United Kingdom where a variant of the coronavirus circulates, suspected of making Covid-19 more contagious Borders which are closing, a barometer of increasing anxiety … The appearance of a new strain of Covid-19 in the United Kingdom has caused some chaos in Europe a few days before Christmas. […]

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