SNCF has launched a prevention campaign called "2:38", with the slogan "do not become another's nightmare

Collisions on Railways: The Warnings of the SCNF in Schools in Brittany

The SNCF makes young people aware of the risks to be introduced on the railways of its network. She launched a prevention campaign in schools in Brittany The main causes of mortality on the railways are related to unauthorized intrusions. At the national level, this represents 55 deaths per year and 34 serious injuries on more than 10,300 recorded intrusions. To […]

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Volkswagen recall 700,000 Tiguan and Touran models

Volkswagen Recalls 700,000 Tiguan and Touran for Fire Risk

AUTOMOBILE: This massive recall concerns volkswagen Tiguan and Touran vehicles manufactured until July 5, 2018 … The manufacturer Volkswagen will recall 700,000 vehicles SUV Tiguan and Touran worldwide due to faulty equipment on the roof that might ignite , said Monday the German group. This massive recall concerns vehicles manufactured until July 5, 2018, or 52,000 vehicles in Germany, said a […]

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Many bridges require repairs in France

Viaduct in Genoa: In France, 840 Bridges Threaten to Collapse

According to a report to the government in July, the overall state of the road network is very disturbing. More seriously, 7% of the 12,000 bridges are threatening to collapse. After the catastrophe of Genoa , this figure is cold in the back. In France, out of the 12,000 bridges in the country , 840 (or 7%) are threatening […]

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Change coming to the Controle Technique, CT Test from 20 May

Controle Technique: Towards New Stricter Car Controls, Longer and Probably More Expensive

AUTOMOTIVE: The Controle Technique, ot CT test as it more commonly known, is to undergo a change and will be more picky from the 20th May  … The number of checkpoints for vehicles will increase. The controllers will determine the severity of failures. Troubleshooting “critical”, the vehicle will no longer circulate. Early this year, the […]

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Angers has increased security at schools and colleges at the start of the school year

Angers: Security is Tight in Front of Schools

National and municipal police were mobilised during the start of this school year, to avoid attacks.  A specific plan has been set up between 8 am and 9 pm and between 4 pm and 5 pm … National and municipal police were mobilised on Thursday 1st September, for the start of the school year, for safety against attacks. A specific security plan has been set […]

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Security reinforced in Lyon for the Euro 2016

Lyon: Euro 2016 – 20,000 People Expected Each day Place Bellecour

Safety will be drastically enhanced in the city centre but also in the periphery … How to organize a global event while maintaining maximum safety? While France and Lyon are preparing to host the Euro 2016 football in June, the issue remains at the heart of the concerns of the organizers. “There will be maximum […]

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More CCTV cameras have been put in the centre of Toulouse

Toulouse: Fifteen New CCTV Cameras Deployed in the City Centre

As part of the deployment plan of 350 cameras for 2017, the municipality of Toulouse announced the arrival of new cameras in the city centre … Today, 69 cameras scan for 24 hours a day seven days a week in the streets of Toulouse. And there will be by the end of the year, fifteen more. […]

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Police intensify vehicle checks

Brest : Police Intensifies Controls

Police were at the roundabout from the station, this afternoon. One hundred drivers were checked. “National Police! Please present the vehicle documents! ”  Between 2.30pm and 3.30pm, at the roundabout from the railway station, the officers repeated the orders over a hundred times. In the descent to the commercial port, orange cones limited circulation. With […]

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the Prefect has banned demonstrations this weekend

Loire-Atlantique: The Prefect Bans Public Demonstrations and Rallies this Weekend

Because of the COP21 of the terrorist threat and mobilizing the police force, all demonstrations are prohibited on Saturday and Sunday, announces the Prefecture … Demonstrations and rallies on public roads is strictly prohibited this Saturday and Sunday, for whatever reason, announced the prefect of Loire-Atlantique, Henri-Michel Comet this afternoon. “This decision comes at a […]

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