The commune of Entrammes wants to preserve its rural roads

The town of Entrammes wants to Preserve its Rural Roads

At the last council meeting, the mayor decided to preserve rural roads Entrammes. At the last councilmeeting, the mayor decided to preserve rural roads Entrammes. They want to identify and register the departmental plans of walking routes and hikes. Only rural roads will be listed on the plan and will have a listed status. The […]

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Rural post offices in villages are to be transformed into one stop shops

Rural Post Offices to be Transformed

Post Offices to become one-stop shops … It has been anounced that around 1,000 rural post offices across France could be transformed into one-stop-shops for utilities, benefits and other government services. Under new plans, the government is seeking to work in partnership with La Poste, to help and transform rural post offices by increasing the […]

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