Electricity consumption in France fell 9 percent this Winter

Electricity Consumption Fell by 9% this Winter in France!

CONSUMPTION: France was able to lower its electricity consumption due to a milder weather Last September, because of the war in Ukraine and the tension that existed on the electricity network, due to much-needed maintenance work, the government had warned that there could be power cuts or load shedding during the winter. Indeed, at that […]

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Electricity supply might be strained this winter

Electricity Supply May be Strained this Winter

ENERGY: Electricity transmission network (RTE) does not exclude targeted load shedding of households in the event of very cold winter The coronavirus crisis has disrupted the maintenance operations of the nuclear fleet. The summer made it possible to catch up to some extent, but RTE believes that the situation may still be tense. In the […]

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Will we have enough electricity in France because of the Cold Wave

Cold Wave: Will we have Enough Electricity Next Week?

Meteo France announces a very big cold wave next week, especially between Wednesday and Friday. Things are heating up for the power grid that may run out of fuel … You have not seen anything yet. It’s going to be cold. Very cold. Next week, from Tuesday. The Météo France announces temperatures below zero throughout […]

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