Scotsman Andy Murray confirms his retirement from Tennis due to injury

Tennis: Andy Murray Retires, Betrayed by his Body

The Australian Open could be his last tournament. Andy Murray, 31, suffers from incessant pain in the hip. “It is possible that the Australian Open is my last tournament”, even if it is at Wimbledon that he would like to “stop playing”: Scottish Andy Murray announced, in tears, his very likely end of career for 2019, suffering from […]

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Bradley Wiggins announced his retirement at age 36.

Cycling: Bradley Wiggins, winner of the 2012 Tour, Announces Retirement

SPORT: Bradley Wiggins, the winner of the Tour de France in 2012 has announced his retirement from the sport … The winner of the 2012 Tour de France announced his retirement on Wednesday. 36 years old, he remains the first British to win the Tour de France. Bradley Wiggins began his career at the French […]

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Formula One World Champion, Nico Rosberg, announces his retirement

F1: Nico Rosberg Announces his Retirement

FORMULA 1: The German, Nico Rosberg, had won the world champion title this weekend … So that, we did not see coming. Formula 1 world champion for the first time in his career Sunday, German Nico Rosberg announced his retirement Friday. Aged 31, the driver of Mercedes formalized the thing via a statement released on his Facebook […]

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The French benefit with a longer retirement than the rest of Europe

Retirement: The French are the ones who benefit the longer

With 23 against 17, the European average, the French retirement is the longest on the continent.  Thanks, among other things, a high life expectancy. If they focus on life expectancy in the countries of Europe, statistics released last week by Eurostat  bring to pass important information on retirement of Europeans. Indeed, it is the French who […]

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