Employees work to restore the Vaulted Roof at the Saint-Donatien Basilica in Nantes

Nantes: A Significant Milestone in the Restoration of the Saint-Donatien Basilica

HERITAGE:  A year and a half after the fire that destroyed the building, the operation to restore the vaults, “the most complex part of the restoration,” concludes … One by one, the 10,000 blocks of stone of varying sizes, have almost all been laid. At 30 meters high, where the roof caught fire in June 2015, a […]

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The Archangel of Mont-saint-Michel

Mont-Saint-Michel: Removal of the Archangel Scheduled for Thursday, Postponed

The Archangel of Mont-Saint-Michel was to be scheduled tomorrow to go under restoration in Dordogne. But the weather does not permit. The archangel will have to wait a few hours or days before they can go ahead and remove it from the abbey, situated at the top of Mont-saint-Michel. The removal operation planned for Thursday 25th […]

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Mont-Saint-Michel: The Archangel to be Removed for Renovation 1

Mont-Saint-Michel: The Archangel to be Removed for Renovation

The archangel of Mont-Saint-Michel will improve its image. He will be taken off the Abbey on Thursday to be restored in the Dordogne. The Archangel dominating the Mont-Saint-Michel rises to over 156 m above sea level and is most affected by sea spray.  He will be eligible for restoration.  A first since 1987, when the unique […]

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