Act 26 of the Yellow Vests protests will concentrate around Nantes and Lyon

Yellow Vests: Lyon and Nantes, Epicentres of Act 26

Two major yellow vests events planned for Saturday 11th May, 2019 are announced in Lyon and Nantes, where the prefecture provides a “unprecedented” deployment of police against the risk of thugs. Soon to be six months of mobilization, the “yellow vests” call to protest for the 26th time on Saturday 11th May, 2019 with “national” rallying […]

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The yellow vests will try this Saturday 4th May, 2019, to relaunch their mobilisation for act 25, after being down for two consecutive weekends.

After May 1st, the Mobilisation of the Yellow Vests Looks more Calm

The yellow vests will try this Saturday 4th May, 2019, to relaunch their mobilisation for act 25, after being down for two consecutive weekends. Since act 22, mid-April, the figures of the Ministry of the Interior, challenged by the “yellow vests”, show a decline in the number of protesters who beat the pavement every Saturday. […]

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May 1st protests, tense situation in Paris

May 1st: Tense Situation in Paris between Black blocs and Police

While thousands of people demonstrate throughout France on the occasion of Labour Day, May 1st,  scenes of violence were observed in the capital. Thousands of people demonstrate throughout France Wednesday, May 1st, 2019. In Paris , the atmosphere is very tense and clashes between “black blocs” and police took place in Paris. A situation that contrasts with the good-natured atmosphere in the […]

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Demonstration of "yellow vests" in Toulouse on April 13, 2019.

Yellow Vests: Slightly Increased Mobilisation for Act 22

Act 22 Yellow Vests was held Saturday 13th April, including Toulouse, capital of the event, but also in Paris. No question of letting go before Macron’s announcements. A few days of announcements Emmanuel Macron out of the crisis, several thousand “yellow vests” demonstrated Saturday for the act 22 of the movement , including Paris and Toulouse. The rallies gathered a total of 31,000 people in […]

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1000 people on the streets of Angoulême

A Thousand People in the Streets of Angoulême

SOCIAL: At the call of the unions, 1000 people were on the streets of Angoulême, demanding increased purchasing power A thousand people parade on the streets of Angoulême (Charente) at the call of the CGT, FO, FSU. The demands: increased purchasing power, the maintenance of public services and the fight against austerity. The procession left the […]

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The unions have called for strike action this Tuesday

Strike: Between “Yellow Vests” and Big Debate, CGT and FO Want to Make their Voices Heard

CGT and FO are on strike, trying to voice this Tuesday 19th March, 2019 their claims on purchasing power. Disturbances are to be expected in the public and the private sector. CGT and FO , who boycotted the big debate, will try to make their claims on purchasing power heard on Tuesday during a day of action […]

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Demonstration of "yellow vests", in Marseille, on February 9, 2019.

Yellow Vests Act 14: New Mobilisation this Saturday with the Desire of a “Return to the Sources”

Paris, Toulouse, Marseille, Pontivy … For the third month of mobilisation, Yellow Vests are back in the street for act 14, Saturday 16th February Three months of demonstrations , a movement still scattered and a beginning of weariness that wins the opinion: for their act 14, the “yellow vests” want to act everywhere on Saturday but also Sunday […]

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Purchasing power has fallen for 8 out of 10 French

Consumption: For More than 8 out of 10 French, Purchasing Power has Fallen

POLL: Only 12% of respondents believe that their purchasing power has increased … The purchasing power remains a key concern of the French. More than eight in ten French (81%) feel that their purchasing power has dropped in recent years, according to an Ipsos Sopra Steria poll released Thursday. Respondents are 12% believe that their purchasing […]

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