Leclerc to lower fuel prices during the Summer

Fuel: Leclerc Launches Cost Price Fuel Every Weekend this Summer

REBATE: The drop at the pump will affect all customers of the 696 service stations of the Leclerc retail group As it has done in the past, the E. Leclerc group will launch operations at cost price on fuel in its service stations in the coming weeks. Michel-Edouard Leclerc announced this Wednesday at the microphone of France Info: “We decided that […]

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SNCF will offer 10000 tickets for one euro with ouigo train classic

SNCF: Ten Thousand Tickets at 1 euro in “Ouigo Train Classic” Offered on Tuesday

ANNIVERSARY: Only the Paris-Lyon and Paris-Nantes lines are concerned by the offer by SNCF The SNCF will offer 10,000 tickets at 1 euro on its website. The offer will be valid from 7 a.m. on May 23 but will only be accessible for 24 hours. Only journeys made aboard a “Ouigo Train Classic” between May 24 and July 5 […]

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Flixbus covers a large part of the French territory

Flixbus: One Million Tickets at € 0.99 on One Hundred Lines in France

The bus company Flixbus launches, as part of the sales, a vast promotion with one million tickets sold for less than one euro on the main lines of France. The sales also applies to transport. From Wednesday 9th January, Flixbus launches a vast promotion on its French network.  In all, no less than one million tickets at only 99 […]

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Hop! offers 240 000 flights to 39 euros between September 3 and October 19.

Hop! : 240 000 Airline Tickets for 39 Euros in all France in September

The airline Hop! offers 240,000 seats on sale for the start of the school year. Reservations must be made before July 3, 2018. The airline Hop! offers a promotion on its flights in September with 240,000 seats to 39 euros (excluding service fees) on many lines in France and Europe . Bookings are from the 28th June to the 3rd July, 2018 for trips between […]

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Tickets from 39 euros one way are available from Wednesday, March 14 with the company HOP!

HOP! Air France Launches Tickets from 39 Euros for Spring and Summer Holidays

From the 14th to 20th March, 2018, HOP! sells cheap tickets to many destinations from all over France for trips until the end of August Spring is coming … and the desires for a change of scenery too! HOP!, The regional airline of Air France, will market 360,000 seats from 39 euros one way, from airports all over […]

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An important promotion for Eurostar tickets between Lille and London has been launched.

Thousands of Eurostar Lille-London Tickets at 39 Euros

A flash sale was launched by Eurostar: 65,600 discount tickets. Travels from Lille (Nord) to London for 39 euros. Eurostar has just launched a large flash sale of more than 65,000 tickets for London from 39 euros. A promo that concerns departures (and returns) from the station LIlle Europe. But be careful, as often in such cases, there are conditions to benefit from it. […]

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Eurostar is offering a Spring promotion of tickets to London for 39 euros

Eurostar Tickets from 39 Euros to Visit London in the Spring

TRANSPORT: The offer is valid for bookings made before March 16 … For spring, Eurostar is selling thousands of tickets for London (United Kingdom) from 39 euros. This promotion for travel between the 21st March and the 25th May and is valid for purchases made before the 16th March. Prochain arrêt? Le Printemps. Filez à Londres […]

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