Prime Minister Jean Castex says bars and restaurants wont open after confinement

Confinement: “We Will Not Reopen Restaurants and Bars around December 1,” says Jean Castex

HEALTH CRISIS: Prime Minister Jean Castex was travelling to Dijon this Saturday in the company of Olivier Véran, Minister of Solidarity and Health, and Alain Griset, Minister for Small and Medium Enterprises Prime Minister Jean Castex confirmed this Saturday the horizon of a reopening “around December 1st” of shops, “but not restaurants and bars  “, while maintaining an […]

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Prime Minister Jean Castex took stock of the situation two weeks after the start of the second confinement, Thursday, November 12, 2020

Confinement: Jean Castex Announces that the Rules will be Maintained at least until December 1st

The Prime Minister spoke Thursday 12th November for an update on the Covid-19 epidemic and the measures taken to stop it, 15 days after the new confinement. Two weeks after the establishment of a new confinement to try to stop the second wave of the Covid-19 epidemic, the Prime Minister was expected to take stock of the situation.  Jean Castex spoke at […]

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Jean Castex closes the door to the immediate reopening of "non-essential" shops during coronavirus confinement

Coronavirus: Jean Castex Closes the Door to the Immediate Reopening of “Non-Essential” Shops

COMMERCE: As a measure of fairness during the confinement, supermarkets will have to close non-essential shelves from Tuesday  Via Twitter, he had ” made an appointment this evening at 8pm. on TF1″. After Emmanuel Macron, Wednesday evening, Prime Minister  Jean Castex came to speak live to French women and men on television. During this interview, the head of government announced that he […]

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Portugal will go into partial confinement to combat coronavirus

Coronavirus: Portugal is Partially Confined from Wednesday

EPIDEMIC: About 70% of the Portuguese population is affected by the confinement to combat the coronavirus Portugal will be submitted from Wednesday in a new confinement plan, which will cover about 70% of its population will be less strict than in the spring, in order to contain the outbreak of coronavirus, announced Saturday night Prime Minister António Costa. “The moment […]

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State of health emergency extended until February 16th because of coronavirus Covid-19

Covid-19: State of Health Emergency Extended until February 16th

The deputies voted on Saturday evening for the extension of the state of health emergency, as wished by the government. But the debates were lively. While two out of three French people are now subject to a night curfew in an attempt to halt the exponential progression of Covid-19, the National Assembly adopted on Saturday 24th October 2020 at […]

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Jean Castex warned the French that the coming November would be very difficult

Coronavirus: Why is the Month of November Going to be “Trying” as Jean Castex Foresees?

EPIDEMIC: During the weekly health update on the coronavirus, Jean Castex indicated that the month of November will be very hard for France. On Thursday, Prime Minister Jean Castex described the coming November as “trying” for France during the weekly health update on the coronavirus. While the October figures are already catastrophic, Jean Castex warned that […]

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Coronavirus: How Did New Zealand “Beat Again” the Epidemic? 1

Coronavirus: How Did New Zealand “Beat Again” the Epidemic?

EPIDEMIC: Since Wednesday, Auckland has returned to normal life, while the Prime Minister estimated on Monday that the second wave of Covid-19 was under control New Zealand has faced two waves of Covid-19, which caused a total of 25 deaths out of 5 million people. This Wednesday, the inhabitants of Auckland will be able to return […]

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Jean Castex in "Vpos avez la parole" on France 2

“Vous avez la parole”: What did Jean Castex Announce in his Interview on France 2?

The Prime Minister, Jean Castex was invited for the first time on the political program of the public service this Thursday evening Jean Castex was the guest of Léa Salamé and Thomas Scotto in the program “Vous avez la parole” on France 2 this Thursday evening. The Prime Minister made some announcements on the management […]

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Prime Minister Jean Castex tested negative for coronavirus

Coronavirus: Jean Castex Tested Negative

EPIDEMIC: The Prime Minister, Jean Castex will remain in quarantine in Matignon for another seven days and will make his appointments “by videoconference” The results of the coronavirus screening of Prime Minister Jean Castex, tested after having rubbed shoulders with Tour de France director Christian Prudhomme on Saturday, detected positive on Tuesday , are negative, Matignon confirmed. “The […]

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Australia should make the vaccination of its population against the coronavirus "compulsory", except for medical exemption, Australian Prime Minister

Coronavirus in Australia: Vaccination Should be Compulsory says Prime Minister

PREVENTION: Australia announced on Tuesday that it had secured the “promising” coronavirus vaccine hat the pharmaceutical group AstraZeneca is developing with the University of Oxford Australia should make the vaccination of its population against the coronavirus “compulsory”, except for medical exemption, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on Wednesday. The Conservative leader announced on Tuesday that […]

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