A ten percent increase is confirmed by supermarkets by inflation

Inflation in Supermarkets: A 10% Price Increase is Confirmed

On the eve of the end of the annual discussions between producers and distributors, nearly 70% of companies would have reached an agreement with the brands. [Update Tuesday, February 28, 2023 at 11:45 a.m.: guest of Franceinfo this morning, Jean-Philippe André, president of the national association of food industries (Ania), confirmed that the annual negotiations were going […]

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TotalEnergies announce their biggest profit in history

Superprofits: The Oil Group TotalEnergies Reaps the Biggest Profit in its History

ENRICHMENT: The oil group, TotalEnergies took advantage of the surge in gas and oil prices in the wake of the war in Ukraine The profits of TotalEnergies are at their highest as a strike is renewed Wednesday morning in most refineries. The fifth-largest oil group in the world unveiled on Wednesday a net profit for the year 2022 of 20.5 […]

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Inflation slowed to 5.9% YoY in December

Rising Prices: Inflation Slowed to 5.9% YoY in December

PURCHASING POWER: Over one year, inflation continued to be driven by the rise in energy prices, which jumped by 15.1%, and that of food products, up very sharply by 12.1% In France, the rise in inflation slowed in December to 5.9% over one year, against 6.2% in November, according to the provisional estimate communicated by INSEE on Wednesday. A temporary […]

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Fuel Prices: Pump Rebates Will End on December 31st 1

Fuel Prices: Pump Rebates Will End on December 31st

FUELS: Public aid of 100 euros, intended for the most modest transported workers, will be available on 16th January As announced for several months, the rebates on fuel prices from the government and TotalEnergies will end on December 31 at midnight. The price of petrol and diesel will therefore increase mechanically in service stations, reports BFMTV. Concretely, from the 1st January 2023, […]

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Inflation rises in France by 6.2 percent

Inflation Accelerates in October: Prices Rose by 6.2% Over One Year

This rebound in inflation would be due to the acceleration in the prices of energy, food, and manufactured goods. Unheard of since June 1985. The rise in consumer prices in France accelerated again in October, to 6.2% over one year, after two months of slowdown, according to provisional data published this Friday by INSEE. This […]

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Prices of Cocaine have fallen in Peru, due to coronavirus

Coronavirus: Cocaine Prices Plummet in Peru

DRUGs: The price of cocaine produced illegally in the country of Peru fell by 58% between January and April The global health crisis has consequences for all economic sectors… really all of them. The price of illegally produced cocaine in Peru plummeted 58% due to the global coronavirus epidemic, authorities said on Friday based on a report by the National Commission […]

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Regulated electricity prices started to rise again in February.

Electricity: 2.4% Rate Hike Effective on the 1st February

This increase will be applied on the 1st February 2020 on the regulated electricity sales tariffs (TRV), the government announced on Wednesday 22nd January 2020. And three. After that 5.9 % in June 2019 and 1.23% in August 2019, a further rise in regulated prices of electricity sales (TRV) will be applied to the 1st February 2020, the government said. This […]

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The European Union opens an investigation into a possible collusion between Casino and Intermarché

Competition: The European Union Opens an Investigation into a Possible Collusion between Casino and Intermarché

PRICES: Casino and Intermarché, which created a central purchasing office in November 2014, are suspected of having coordinated their pricing policies towards consumers Have Casino and Intermarché agreed on prices? The European Commission has opened an investigation, Monday, on possible collusion between the two major French distributors, violating the competition rules of the EU. Casino and Intermarché, which created a joint […]

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Where can I find the cheapest fuel in Bordeaux?

Bordeaux: Which Petrol Station is the Cheapest Fuel?

Between the ten petrol stations located in Bordeaux, price differences are sometimes important. While fuel prices have been on the rise since January 2019 and peaked last April , we have found which Bordeaux gas stations are the cheapest . Diesel fuel: on the right bank For diesel, you have to go to the right bank to save money. On the Quai de la Souys, […]

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Netflix raises prices in Europe

Netflix Raises Prices in Europe: France Not Concerned … For the Moment

In a letter to Netflix shareholders, boss Reed Hastings confirmed that a rise in subscription prices was underway in Europe. Details. “We are currently working on a series of price increases in the United States, Brazil, Mexico and parts of Europe . ” In his letter to the shareholders of Tuesday, April 16, 2019 , Netflix boss Reed Hastings announced that the streaming video platform […]

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