Big brands, including Coca-Cola, will increase the price of their products in France

Nutella, Coca-Cola, Ricard … Why the Prices of More Than 500 Products will Increase

The prices of hundreds of consumer products will increase this Friday, February 1 in stores. Why and how will they apply? Here is a news that consumers would be happy at the beginning of the year, when the lack of purchasing power is at the heart of the yellow vests crisis . As of February 1, 2019, the prices of many consumer goods will […]

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The price of some packets of cigarettes will increase on July 2

New Rise in the Price of Tobacco, Monday 2nd July: The Packets of Cigarettes Concerned

A further rise in the price of cigarettes will take place on 2nd July, 2018. This increase will vary between 10 and 30 cents and will apply to certain brands.  After an adjustment of the price of tobacco in April, a further increase of cigarettes is planned on the 2nd July, 2018, in accordance with a decree published in the Journal Officiel on […]

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Smoking in France is getting more expensive, with a price increase in Cigarettes on 1st March

Smoking: The Pack of Cigarettes will Increase by One Euro on 1st March

As part of its national health strategy, the government increases the price of smoking on the 1st March 2018.  Packet of cigarettes increase by one euro and rolling tobacco by two euros. As announced by the government, the price of a packet of cigarettes will experience a new increase.  It will increase by a euro on average and two euros for […]

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The Minister is not against the idea of ​​wearing a pack of cigarettes to 10 €. | Reuters

The Minister of Health is not against a 10 € Pack of Cigarettes

The price of a pack of cigarettes would be increased to ten euros in France while the ban on Vaping in certain public places will apply as expected in early October, said the Minister of Solidarity and Health in an interview with Le Parisien The price of a pack of cigarettes is currently about seven […]

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