Grand job faie at Pont-Audemer, this Thursday 25th April

Normandy: Grand Job Fair This Thursday 25th April in Pont-Audemer

A major job fair, apprenticeship and alternation is organized Thursday, April 25, from 8.30am to 1pm, at the salle d’Armes of Pont-Audemer. Assur One , Blard , VTNI , Credit Agricole , Intermarché … all these companies and many others (sixteen companies from Pont-Audemer  (Eure) and around) will participate this Thursday 25th April, from 8.30am to 1pm in the salle d’Armes, place of General de Gaulle in Pont-Audemer, […]

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The car ended up on the roof, avenue de l'Europe, Pont-Audemer

Normandy: A Motorist Hits a Parked Car in Pont-Audemer

A violent collision occurred on Wednesday morning avenue de l’Europe in Pont-Audemer. A motorist crashed into a parked car A spectacular accident occurred this Wednesday 24th April, 2019 around 7.30am in Pont-Audemer (Eure). At Avenue de l’Europe, a motorist crashed into a parked car. A wounded man evacuated The collision was violent since the rear of the parked car […]

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It is cool this Thursday, April 4 morning in Pont-Audemer

Weather: A Cool Day in Sight at Pont-Audemer

WEATHER FORECAST: It is cool this Thursday, April 4 morning in Pont-Audemer (Eure). It is cooler this morning according to the latest forecast from Meteo France for this Thursday 4th April in Pont-Audemer ( Eure ). Temperatures will be between 0 and 10 degrees today. Météo France announces a cloudless sky, so with some sunshine, although it won’t make much difference for […]

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Chilly weather and downpours in Pont-Audemer

Chilly Weather and Downpours at Pont-Audemer

WEATHER FORECAST: Meteo France announces a chilly weather and risk of showers this Wednesday 3rd April in Pont-Audemer. The weather, relatively covered overall this Wednesday 3rd April in Pont-Audemer ( Eure ) could however allow the appearance of a few clearings in the morning, announces Meteo France . In the afternoon, some risks of rain, heavy downpours at time under a […]

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A Beautiful Monday is forecast for Pont-Audemer, Normandy

Weather: Beautiful Day in Sight at Pont-Audemer

Good sunny weather and pleasant temperatures are expected this Monday 14th January in Pont-Audemer. Météo France announces a beautiful day on Monday 14th January in Pont-Audemer (Eure) in Normandy. Good clearer skies will continue despite a few cloudy periods in the morning. In the afternoon the sky should be sunny despite some cloudy periods. The temperatures will start off […]

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Here is the weather map for today in Normandy

Weather in Normandy: A Grey Sky with Some Rain

WEATHER FORECAST: A grey sky will be the main fature across Normandy with a little rain during the day … A sky will remain grey, little sun, a little rain … this is the forecast of Météo France this Friday 11th January for Normandy in Pont-Audemer ( Eure ). There will be little change to the sky throughout the day, with […]

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The sunshine makes a welcome return to Normandy

Weather in Normandy: The Sun Returns

The sun should be dominating this Friday 26th January in Normandy Although the skies should be partly cloudy across Normandy, this should not spoil the sunshine coming through.  This is what the forecast from Meteo France said, on their latest forecast for the region on  Friday 26th January.  the morning should be very similar to the afternoon. […]

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A few showers are forecast for Normandy

Weather in Normandy: A Few Showers

WEATHER FORECAST: The sky will be “relatively sunny” and the showers are forecast by Meteo France for the region of Normandy this Friday 29th December Normandy is relatively untouched by the weather this Friday 29th December. Temperatures will range from 5 and 8 degrees and the sky will be “relatively sunny” according to Météo France . Small showers are […]

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