Sanitary Pass (Health pass) control operation on a café terrace in Bordeaux

Sanitary pass in Bordeaux: On the Terraces of the Cafes, Mainly “Educational” Police Checks, with Some Verbalisations

This Wednesday a police patrol, during an operation to check the sanitary pass (health pass), and the application of the measure by professionals, to the terraces of cafes and restaurants in the centre of Bordeaux Out of a hundred customers checked this Wednesday in Bordeaux, only one did not have a sanitary pass (health pass), […]

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Police check pedestrians and a motorist on a street in Strasbourg, April 9, 2020 during the confinement established in France to fight against the coronavirus.

Coronavirus Covid-19: Enhanced Confinement Monitoring for the Easter Weekend in France

Already announced by the Elysee, confinement will continue past Tuesday 14th April 2020. The authorities will keep an eye on things this Easter weekend. After more than 12,000 coronavirus deaths in France, confinement surveillance will remain strict during the Easter weekend at the end of which Emmanuel Macron will detail the consequences to be reserved for this confinement which forces the French to […]

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8.2 million checks have been carried out since the start of confinement

Coronavirus Covid-19: 480,000 Fines since the Start of Confinement

Despite “some regrettable behaviour”, the French respect the confinement in this epidemic of coronavirus, said the Minister of the Interior. “The French are among the world over, those who respect confinement the best,” assured Christophe Castaner on Franceinfo, this Monday 6th April 2020. However, numerous fines have been raised since this measure was put in place on […]

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Numerous controls are carried out on Friday, April 3, 2020 on the main roads of Paris, to enforce confinement and prevent departures on vacation.

Confinement and Departure on Vacation: Police Checks and Roadblocks on the Paris Ring Road

The school holidays begin Friday 3rd April 2020 but with confinement, the Paris police have implemented checks and roadblocks to avoid residents from leaving their homes. Overshadowed by his polemical remarks making the link between non-compliance with confinement and hospitalisation in intensive care, the promise of the severity of the Paris police prefect, Didier Lallement, is at work Friday, April […]

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