Galaxy S21: everything we already know about Samsung's next smartphone

Galaxy S21: Everything We Already Know about Samsung’s Next Smartphone

SMARTPHONE: Samsung’s new flagship smartphone is expected to be unveiled on January 14th As usual, the Korean manufacturer should present a new batch of Galaxy S at the beginning of 2021. A few days before the supposed presentation of the Galaxy S21, we already know a lot of things about it. Leaks concerning the new smartphones from Samsung have […]

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British Prime Minister Theresa May in Brussels, 19 October 2017

“Lonely Theresa May”, the Symbol of Brexit in a Photo Amuses Viewers

INTERNET: The photograph of Theresa May, taken in Brussels, is the joy of the web … She’s all alone, sitting at the table, staring at four flower pots. Obviously, it was enough for it to cliché, Theresa May becoming a meme, as a symbol of discussions on Brexit in Brussels . The conservative newspaper The Daily Telegraph has done in the […]

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By the sea, in an appearance ... Lomener.

The Image of the Week: Plœmeur, An appearance at Lomener

Turning a walk by the sea, a reader of the Ouest France newspaper took the picture of the week, Sunday noon in Lomener (Ploemeur). At Plœmeur, in Brittany, during a walk by the sea in Lomener, Jean Libert slammed this beautiful picture “not reworked or faked.” “When you are told that the chaos can be […]

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