Boris Johnson loses absolute majority in Parliament over Brexit

Brexit: Boris Johnson Loses Absolute Majority in Parliament after Defection of MP

UNITED KINGDOM: Conservative MP Phillip Lee joins the Pro Europe Liberal Democrats Party, leaving Boris Johnson without a Majority in the British Parliament British Prime Minister Boris Johnson lost on Tuesday his absolute majority in Parliament, which was only one vote, after the defection of Conservative MP Phillip Lee, who joined the pro-Europe Liberal Democrats Party. “The Conservative government […]

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Fury in the face of the suspension of the British Parliament

Brexit: Fury over the Suspension of Parliament, a Petition Exceeds One Million Signatures

UNITED KINGDOM: Thousands of people demonstrated Wednesday night against Brexit  after the announcement of Boris Johnson’s controversial decision of the suspension of Parliament Boris Johnson is playing a game of poker. The British Prime Minister has decided Wednesday to suspend Parliament for five weeks until October 14, just two weeks before the date of Brexit. The announcement provoked the fury of […]

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Brexit: British Parliament suspended until 14 October

Brexit: British Parliament Suspended until 14th October

The opposition denounced Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s decision as a way of preventing MPs from halting a Brexit without an agreement on the 31st October. The British government will suspend Parliament the second week of September and until October 14th, two weeks before the expected date of Brexit, announced Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Wednesday, making it difficult for […]

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UK Parliament rejects Brexit alternatives, making 'No Deal' almost inevitable

Brexit: Parliament Rejects Alternatives, an Exit Without Agreement “Almost Inevitable”

UNITED KINGDOM: According to the Brexit requirement of the European Parliament, “Wednesday is the last chance” to break the stalemate The United Kingdom on the brink. An exit from the EU “without agreement” Brexit became “almost inevitable,” said Tuesday the Brexit referent of the European Parliament, Guy Verhofstadt, on Twitter, just after the votes of British MPs . “On Wednesday, this is […]

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Labour to back common market 2.0 on latest Brexit votes

Labour to Back Common Market 2.0 in Brexit Votes Tonight

BREXIT: Labour is to support the Common Market 2.0 option tonight in the Brexit indicative votes Labour is to support the common market 2.0 option, which will give a so-called ‘Norway Plus’ option for Brexit in tonight’s indicative votes. MPs will be whipped to vote in favour of Common Market 2.0 option during indicative votes […]

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What are the Brexit indicative votes that MPs will vote on again today

Brexit: What are the Indicative votes MPs will Vote on (again) Today?

BREXIT:  Once again the politicians in the United Kingdom will take control of Parliament today, for another series of indicative votes on Brexit Politicians of the UK Parliament will once again take over control of Parliament again today to vote on alternatives to Theresa May’s Brexit deal. They may have rejected all eight alternatives when […]

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The National Assembly prepares for the uncertainty of Brexit

National Assembly Prepares for “Uncertainty” of Brexit

France has decided to “prepare” for the consequences of Brexit. The National Assembly supported, in the night to Monday to Tuesday, a bill allowing the French government to protect itself. Explanations. Brexit “hard” or “soft”  ? The National Assembly has approved the bill allowing the government to protect, through future orders, any form that would take the exit of the United Kingdom from […]

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The legislative election results for the Mayenne

Legislative Elections: The Results in Mayenne

There will be second rounds throughout Mayenne for these legislative elections in 2017. The three candidates running for La Republic En Marche will be there. This is the evening news. All results are known in Mayenne for this first round of parliamentary legislative elections 2017. The three candidates of the Republic on, Béatrice Mottier in the […]

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Maryse Lépron, candidate for Lutte ouvrière in Legislative elections

Legislative in Mayenne: Maryse Lépron, candidate of Lutte Ouvrière

The librarian of the Maine-et-Loire is the candidate of Lutte Ouvrière, in the second district of Mayenne. Jean-Luc Placé is her deputy. “There is nothing to expect from governments. Whether of the right, left or center. “Maryse Lépron, librarian of 59 years of Trélazé (Maine-et-Loire), is the candidate of Lutte Ouvrière (LO) in the second district of Mayenne. […]

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Marine Le Pen is to stand as a candidate for the Legslative elections in Pas de calais

Legislative: Candidate Marine Le Pen in the Pas-de-Calais

The president of the Front National, Marine Le Pen announced on Thursday night on TF1 her candidacy for parliamentary elections in the 11th constituency of Pas-de-Calais. Challenged internally since losing in the second round of the presidential election faced Emmanuel Macron (66.1% – 33.9%), daughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen, who is currently on the European […]

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