Other "significant" cracks discovered in two nuclear reactors

Nuclear: Other “Significant” Cracks Discovered in Two Reactors

SAFETY CONCERNS: EDF has detected another defect due to a phenomenon known as thermal fatigue on a weld of an emergency pipe in two reactors After the discovery of a crack in Penly 1, disappointments follow. EDF detected on Thursday another “significant” defect due to a phenomenon known as thermal fatigue on a weld of an emergency pipe […]

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Prolonged shutdowns at Nuclear power stations in France after safety concerns

Nuclear: Prolonged Shutdowns on Other Sites after the Discovery of a Crack in Penly

POWER STATIONS: ASN is asking for more checks, which will lengthen the duration of shutdowns at certain Nuclear power station sites We press pause. A larger-than-expected crack has been detected by EDF at Penly 1 on an emergency pipe used to flood the reactor with water in the event of a nuclear accident. This will lead to the extension of […]

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The Safety Authority summons EDF to "revise its strategy" after the discovery of a crack in Penly

Nuclear: The Safety Authority Summons EDF to “Revise its Strategy” after the Discovery of a Crack in Penly

SAFETY BREACHES: ASN asks EDF to react following the discovery of a crack in the Penly Nuclear power station  The Nuclear Safety Authority has ordered EDF to “revise its strategy” when a major crack was discovered on a weld in an emergency circuit of a shutdown reactor, Penly 1, in Seine-Maritime. EDF mentions a “significant stress corrosion defect” on an emergency pipe […]

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Emmanuel Macron gets agreements on nuclear and beef

China: Emmanuel Macron gets Agreements on Nuclear and Beef

China visit on Monday 8th January, Emmanuel Macron clinched an agreement on Tuesday for Areva and the lifting of the Chinese embargo on beef Emmanuel Macron , who hopes of re-balancing the trade relationship with Beijing, won this Tuesday 9th January, the second day of his visit to China, a providential agreement for Areva and announced a lifting of the chinese  embargo […]

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The Nuclear Power Plant, Brennilis in Finistere will be dismantled by 2031

Brittany: Closed since 1985, the Brennilis Nuclear Power Plant will be Dismantled by 2031

ENERGY: The announcement was made at the wishes of the director … The schedule specifies if a bit. The Brennilis, in Finistère, should be completely dismantled by 2031. This was announced the director of the EDF site during his speech, which The Telegram attended . Fifty years after closure When stopped since 1985, the plant […]

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The containment dome covers the damaged reactor of the Chernobyl power plant.

The Chernobyl Shelter Dome is in Place

It weighs 36,000 tons and measuring 108 meters high and 162 meters long. That’s it, a metal dome now covers the sarcophagus around the damaged Chernobyl nuclear reactor. A project to ensure the safety of the site for 100 years. “We celebrated today at Chernobyl the successful completion of the operation.” The French giant BTP […]

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Reactor shutdown: The electricity supply tight this winter 1

Reactor shutdown: The electricity supply tight this winter

The transmission network has announced that electrical supply would be “more difficult to ensure” this winter due to the shutdown of several reactors of the French nuclear fleet. In case of cold weather, exceptional solutions are considered as interruption of the power supply to certain sites. Electrical supply is “tricky” to make this winter than […]

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Segolene Royal to extend the life of its Nuclear Power Plants by a further 10 Years

Environment: Royal ‘ready’ to Extend Nuclear Power Plants by 10 Years

Subject to the advice of the Nuclear Safety Authority … The Minister for Ecology and Energy, Segolene Royal, on Sunday, said that she would be “ready to give (the) green light” to the extension of ten years to the life of French nuclear power plants, which would increase from 40 to 50 years. Cheaper electricity “Yes, […]

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