17 models of smartphones are named to emit too much radio waves.

Huawei, Nokia, Wiko … Smartphones That Emit Too Much Electromagnetic Waves

Do your smartphones emit more radio waves than the authorized limit? 60 million consumers name bad phone marques in an investigation. Details. Which of the smartphones are the ones that emit electromagnetic waves above the authorized limit? This is the alert that launched the consumer organization, 60 million consumers , which has identified 17 mobile phone models exceeding since early 2018 the maximum […]

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WhatsApp willnot work on some older phones from the 1st January

WhatsApp: The application will no Longer Work on Some Older Phones at 1st January 2018

HIGH-TECH: The specialized messaging company, WhatsApp, gave details of the list of affected phones … Your phone is it relevant? WhatsApp announced on a note in its blog that the application will no longer work on some phone models from the 1st January 2018. The company specialised in instant messaging prefers to focus on the most commonly used platforms. Nokia and […]

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The New Nokia 2, will be under 100 euros and last 2 days on one charge

The Nokia 2: A Smartphone Under 100 € with a Battery Life of 48 Hours

TECHNOLOGY: The Nokia 2, marketed by the Finnish company HDM Global, will arrive on the European market in mid-November. The Nokia 2, marketed by the Finnish company HDM Global, will arrive on the European market in mid-November. To differentiate from the ranks of cheap smartphones, the brand has put the emphasis on the battery life. After […]

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Nokia plans 600 job cuts in France by 2019

Nokia Plans to Cut Nearly 600 Jobs in France by 2019

EMPLOYMENT: The job cuts will affect the central functions and support these subsidiaries based in the Paris-Saclay campus (Essonne) and Lannion (Côtes d’Armor) … Nokia  plans 597 job cuts in France by 2019 in its subsidiaries Alcatel Lucent International and Nokia Solutions and Networks (NSN) , out of a total of 4,200 people in the two companies, said […]

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Nokia and B-Com Institute to bring 5G to Rennes

Rennes: Nokia and the B-Com Institute soon to bring the 5G Network

DIGITAL: The Finnish group has signed a partnership … It is a true behemoth of telecommunications that comes to partner with the Rennes B-Com Institute. Monday evening, the Finnish group Nokia announced its investment in technological research institute. Created three years ago and implanted into the Champs Blancs à Cesson-Sévigné, B-Com specializes in the development […]

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