Coronavirus in Venezuela: Nicolas Maduro proposes to exchange oil for vaccines

Coronavirus in Venezuela: Nicolas Maduro Proposes to Exchange Oil for Vaccines

BARTER: The country, Venezuela is hit by international economic sanctions which drastically reduce the number of customers for its oil Nicolas Maduro is trying to get around the international sanctions that hit his country’s oil sector. The Venezuelan president on Sunday offered “oil for vaccines” as his country faces a second wave of coronavirus. With this barter proposal, the head […]

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Facebook blocks Nicolas Maduro's account for disinformation on Covid-19

Facebook Blocks Nicolas Maduro’s Account for Disinformation on Covid-19

VENEZUELA: The Venezuelan head of state, Nicolas Maduro is accused of promoting the drug Carvativir Facebook announced on Saturday that it had “blocked” Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro’s account for 30 days after the latter’s “repeated violations” of the American company’s policy on disinformation linked to Covid-19. “Due to repeated violations of our regulations, we blocked the page for 30 days during which […]

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In Venezuela, France protests treatment inflicted on its ambassador

Venezuela: France Protests Treatment Inflicted on its Ambassador

DIPLOMACY: Since May 2nd, roadblocks have been erected by the police in the rue de Caracas where the residence of the French ambassador is located. To protest against the treatment inflicted on its diplomatic representation in Caracas, France summoned, on Wednesday, the Venezuela ambassador to Paris, against a backdrop of tensions with Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, French diplomacy announced on Thursday. “France expresses […]

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Francois Hollande and world leaders pay tribute to Fidel Castro

Hollande, Putin, Maduro … The world leaders pay tribute to Fidel Castro

TRIBUTE: The father of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro died Friday night in Havana at the age of 90 years, announced his brother Raul, who succeeded him in power in 2006 … Since the reactions to his death multiply … Francois Hollande greets a figure of the twentieth century. Fidel Castro has “embodied the Cuban […]

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