Didier Raoult: “We can see that there are people who get infections after vaccination”

Didier Raoult: “We Can See That There are People Who Get Infections After Vaccination”

Pr Didier Raoult, in his last video, confirmed that vaccinated people can be infected again. We are at 12’06 from the last interview with Professor Raoult entitled “The origins of variants”. Question: With all these different mutations, will the mutations have consequences on the immunity of the disease? Response from Prof. Raoult : Overall, we are now […]

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Coronavirus: 379 deaths in 24 hours in France

Coronavirus: 379 Deaths in 24 Hours in France

EPIDEMIC: The number of deaths from Coronavirus Covid-19, like that of ICU admissions, is on the rise In twenty-four hours, 379 coronavirus patients died in hospital, according to data from Sante publique France  released on Monday. A rising figure, like that of patients admitted to intensive care, which has risen above the 3,500 mark. Nearly 87,000 people sick with coronavirus Covid-19 have died […]

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Nice announces the closure of the beaches and the entire coastline

Coronavirus in Nice: Estrosi Announces the Closure of the Beaches and the Entire Coastline

HEALTH CRISIS: According to the mayor, Christian Estrosi, “the British mutation currently represents 100% of the tests carried out” The mayor of Nice evokes an explosive situation in his city due to the English variant and announces new restrictions, for next weekends, on the entire coast of the city. “I am making the decision to close […]

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During a virtual summit, European Council President Charles Michel (top left) called on leaders not to ease restrictions against the coronavirus on February 25, 2021.

Coronavirus: Europe Calls for Maintaining “Firm” Restrictions on Mutations

PANDEMIC: At the end of a European summit, leaders warned of the next “difficult” weeks, especially on the vaccination front It is too early to let our guard down. European leaders at the summit called on Thursday to “maintain firm restrictions” while speeding up vaccination campaigns to stem the mutations of the coronavirus, but have not settled their differences on the […]

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For several weeks, three variants of the virus have been circulating on French soil. A fourth would have been discovered, insensitive to vaccines.

Covid-19: A Vaccine Resistant Mutation Discovered in France

For several weeks, three variants of the virus have been circulating on French soil. A fourth would have been discovered, insensitive to vaccines. Explanations. For several weeks, France has been fighting against the upsurge in the Covid-19 epidemic. Currently, the Ministry of Health qualifies the health situation as stable, but fragile. Indeed, the positivity rate in the country is […]

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Will the Government start the curfew at 4pm in France

Coronavirus: The Curfew Starting at 4 pm is “Not a Studied Track”, Assures Government

On Facebook, a viral video with a misleading title announces that “the government may well advance the curfew to 4 pm” during the school holidays A video widely relayed on Facebook evokes the probable announcement of a curfew advanced to 4 pm by the government. But the video is based on a possibility mentioned on […]

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Germany closes its borders after fear of coronavirus Covid-19 mutations spreading

Coronavirus in Germany: Berlin Closes Borders and Draws Criticism from the EU

COVID-19: These restrictions were decided on due to fears of the German government of a new wave of Covid-19 contaminations from the British and South African mutations of coronavirus Germany on Sunday closed some of its borders, with the Czech Republic and Austrian Tyrol, in an attempt to contain the spread of Covid-19, sparking criticism from the European […]

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Covid-19: The variants lead to fear "an epidemic within the epidemic", estimates Olivier Véran

Covid-19: The Mutations Lead to Fear “an Epidemic within the Epidemic”, estimates Olivier Véran

EPIDEMIC: Relive Olivier Véran’s press conference this Thursday, talking about coronavirus, hospitals, mutations and curfew The Minister of Health, Olivier Véran held a press conference this Thursday at 2 p.m. He took stock, the day after the health defence council, on the epidemic situation in France faced with the increase in cases of contamination and the […]

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Israel fears a vaccine resistant coronavirus Covid-19 mutation

Covid-19: Israel Fears a New Vaccine-Resistant Mutation

“Mass vaccination could “put ‘evolutionary pressure’ on the virus and generate mutations,” according to a report. This is one of the possible side effects of mass vaccination in this country: it could promote the emergence of an Israeli variant of the vaccine-resistant coronavirus, reports a task force led by the Israeli army, in a study […]

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Moderna vaccine works for coronavirus Covid-19 mutations

Coronavirus: Moderna Vaccine Remains Effective Against British and South African Mutations, Laboratory Assures

EPIDEMIC: Moderna said, however, that she would work to develop an additional dose to further increase protection against mutations.  The vaccine of Moderna against coronavirus remains effective against the British and South African mutation of the coronavirus, assured the US biotechnology company in a statement released Monday. The vaccine “protects against variants detected on this date” estimated laboratory experts after a series […]

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