Unvaccinated caregivers will be reinstated from mid-May, while the National Assembly voted on Thursday to repeal their vaccination obligation

Covid-19: Behind the Reintegration of Caregivers and the End of the Vaccination Obligation, the Fear of Antivax Discourse

PUBLIC HEALTH: The Assembly voted this Thursday in first reading the repeal of the vaccination obligation for caregivers, while the non-vaccinated will be able to return to work in mid-May A few days ago, the Minister of Health, François Braun, announced the “mid-May” reintegration of non-vaccinated caregivers. And this Thursday, the Assembly adopted at first reading […]

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Agnès Buzyn, resettled at WHO, becomes ambassador of the Bill Gates Foundation!

Agnès Buzyn, Resettled at WHO, Becomes Ambassador of the Bill Gates Foundation!

HEALTH: Agnès Buzyn revealed this Tuesday 5th January in an interview with  L’Opinion that she has joined the office of the Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO) Direction Switzerland for the former Minister of Health. Agnès Buzyn revealed this Tuesday 5th January in an interview with  L’Opinion that she has joined the office of the Director-General of the World […]

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Olivier Véran has announced that caregivers over 50 years old will receive vaccine

Coronavirus: Caregivers Aged 50 and Over “Who Wish” can be Vaccinated “from Monday”, announces Olivier Véran

EPIDEMIC: The Minister of Health, Olivier Véran also announced that before the beginning of February, vaccination centres will open in the city. The government is shifting into high gear. The vaccination campaign against Covid-19 will “accelerate” towards priority audiences, with the possibility for caregivers aged 50 and over to be vaccinated “from Monday”, the Minister of Health announced on Twitter on Thursday. […]

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Jean Castex warned the French that the coming November would be very difficult

Coronavirus: Why is the Month of November Going to be “Trying” as Jean Castex Foresees?

EPIDEMIC: During the weekly health update on the coronavirus, Jean Castex indicated that the month of November will be very hard for France. On Thursday, Prime Minister Jean Castex described the coming November as “trying” for France during the weekly health update on the coronavirus. While the October figures are already catastrophic, Jean Castex warned that […]

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The Minister is not against the idea of ​​wearing a pack of cigarettes to 10 €. | Reuters

The Minister of Health is not against a 10 € Pack of Cigarettes

The price of a pack of cigarettes would be increased to ten euros in France while the ban on Vaping in certain public places will apply as expected in early October, said the Minister of Solidarity and Health in an interview with Le Parisien The price of a pack of cigarettes is currently about seven […]

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Agnès Buzyn, Minister of Health is considering 11 mandatory vaccines for children

The Minister of Health is Considering 11 Mandatory Childhood Vaccines

REFORM: Today the vaccination requirement applies only to three vaccines for children … Immunization visits are rarely much fun for children. And now it will not be three but eleven vaccines they should have. In any case this is the will of the new health minister, Agnès Buzyn . She is said to be thinking “to make it mandatory for […]

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Minister of Healmth, Agnès Buzyn to anticipate the heatwave

Heatwave: The Minister of Health Anticipates the Hot Weather by requesting the Identification of “Cool Places”

DEADLY WEATHER: Agnès Buzyn, Minister of Health, prefers safe than sorry … Alert hot weather! On the occasion of the activation of the plan for a heatwave, each beginning of June, the  Minister of Health Agnès Buzyn , announced that it had asked the mayors to make a “census” of places such as libraries, where vulnerable people could go to […]

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The Israel Minister refused to shake hands with marisol Touraine

Israel minister refuses to shake hands with Marisol Touraine

Yaakov Litzman, the Israeli counterpart of the Minister of Social Affairs and Health, is the leader of an ultra-Orthodox religious party. During his visit to Israel on March 31, Marisol Touraine had to keep his hands in his pockets. The health minister of the country, Yaakov Litzman, did not wish him to shake hands. The […]

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