Whatsapp recommends an udate, for security reasons

WhatsApp Recommends an Emergency Update of the Application to Counter a Security Vulnerability

SPY SOFTWARE: The teams of the instant messaging platform, Whatsapp owned by Facebook, have spotted a security HOLE in the application that allowed anyone to spy on all the activity of a mobile through a simple call WhatsApp recommends its users to update, as soon as possible, the latest version of the application available since Monday. In early May, the […]

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Whatsapp to stop working on a lot of phones

WhatsApp is About to Stop Working on a Lot More People’s Phones

MESSAGING: Whatsapp has announced it will withdraw support for Windows Phones WhatsApp has announced that it will soon withdraw support for all smartphones running any version of the Windows operating system. The messaging app will no longer work on handsets powered by Microsoft’s software in December 2019, it announced in a blog post update published […]

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Blackberry attacks Facebook for patent infrigement

Blackberry Attacks Facebook for Patent Infringement

TECHNOLOGY: The company, Blackberry claims that Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp violate its patents The Canadian technology company, Blackberry, which stopped making smartphones to concentrate on software, said Tuesday it filed a complaint against Facebook for violating its patents for messaging applications of the US social network. BlackBerry accuses Facebook, and its subsidiaries Instagram and WhatsApp, of […]

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WhatsApp willnot work on some older phones from the 1st January

WhatsApp: The application will no Longer Work on Some Older Phones at 1st January 2018

HIGH-TECH: The specialized messaging company, WhatsApp, gave details of the list of affected phones … Your phone is it relevant? WhatsApp announced on a note in its blog that the application will no longer work on some phone models from the 1st January 2018. The company specialised in instant messaging prefers to focus on the most commonly used platforms. Nokia and […]

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WhatsApp suffered a global outrage

WhatsApp Suffered a Global Outage for an Hour

BUG: Messenger service, WhatsApp was unavailable from 9 am to 10 am Friday morning … The instant messaging service Whatsapp experienced a global outage on Friday He remained unavailable approximately 1 hour from 9am, Europe, USA and Asia It can happen to everyone, even WhatsApp. The application had a big failure on Friday morning. For about an hour, […]

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MEPs want tougher privacy rules Skype, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.

Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger … The European Parliament Toughens Rules

MEPs voted on Thursday a strengthening of Regulation “ePrivacy” to force the instant communication services like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp to ensure confidentiality of exchanges. MEPs voted Thursday to toughen privacy rules messaging or email services like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or Skype aligning them with those of telecommunications operators. Only the latter were previously subject to regulation […]

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Launched in 1997 by AOL, AIM instant messaging service will close on December 15, 2017

Nostalgia, AOL will Close its AIM Messaging (but ICQ still exists)

WEB:  After 20 years of existence, its new owner, Verizon, made the announcement Friday … Ah, the little yellow guy. Provided in the late 90s with the installation of AOL CD, the instant messaging service, AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) will permanently close on  the 15th December. Verizon, which bought AOL and Yahoo and merged them into the […]

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The application is passed one billion monthly users, one billion daily users.

WhatsApp: The Results of the Application from Facebook are Amazing

The platform for instant and secure messaging, owned by Facebook, has experienced tremendous growth in its number of active users. Last year one billion users every month using WhatsApp, today they are a billion a day. The results of Facebook and other platforms also spray performance records. The bet of Mark Zuckerberg seems to have succeeded on […]

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Caramail, is back in France offering an encrypted email service

Caramail: Surprise! Messaging is back in France

HIGH-TECH: Pioneer of the French Internet, Caramail, the mail service, was believed extinct since 2009, now allows you to send encrypted emails … It is a name that will awaken the nostalgia of Internet users. Caramail , the messaging service and chat, active between 1997 and 2009, is back. At least, the brand was bought […]

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