Photo from April 27, 2018 released by NASA of the robot InSight launched on May 5, 2018 for a mission to Mars

Seismic Activities Identified on Mars, A First

During its fifteen months of presence on Mars, the device recorded nearly 500 earthquakes. So far, no tremor has been clearly identified on the red planet. In fifteen months of presence on Mars, the InSight robot and its seismograph have already detected nearly 500 quivers from the bowels of the red planet, an abundant harvest that provides a […]

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Mars, Snickers, Milky way and celebrations are being recalled in France, due to Safety Fears

Massive Recall of Mars bars, Snickers and Milky Way

France, Belgium, England, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Spain: the chocolate giant Mars has ordered on Tuesday a massive recall of chocolate bars. The chocolate giant Mars, today, Tuesday ordered a massive recall of chocolate bars and sweets in France, including brands Mars and Snickers, after a consumer has found “a small piece of plastic” in a […]

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easyjet is to offer four new destinations from the airport in Bordeaux

Bordeaux: The Easyjet airline Announces Four New Destinations in 2016

The budget airline service will now include Berlin from March 27th, 2016 … The Easy Jet airline announced today, Tuesday it will serve four new destinations from Bordeaux in 2016.  This is Barcelona, ​​Berlin, Marseille and Venice. “With these four new routes this year, we wanted to meet the expectations of Bordeaux in the long […]

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