The former "Loft Story" reality star appears in the new issue of the women's magazine

Loana Metamorphosed on the Cover of Elle Magazine

The former “Loft Story” reality star appears in the new issue of the women’s magazine. A spectacular transformation. Seventeen years after her unforgettable appearance in “Loft Story,” Loana Petrucciani “talks about her rebirth after her descent into hell,” according to the cover of Elle magazine to be released on the 2nd March. The winner of the first French […]

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At the age of 67, Jane Seymour poses for the third time in Playboy

“Playboy”: At 67, Jane Seymour Poses for the Third Time in the Famous Magazine

PHOTO: The actress, Jane Seymour who is now a grandmother, poses for the third time for the famous American magazine … A grandmother posing for Playboy ? Yes, but not just any. At 67, actress Jane Seymour poses for the third time in her life for the famous magazine. A photo of the actress known for […]

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After an eclipse of nineteen months and the arrival of new leaders, the gay magazine Tetu returns this February 28, 2017 in the kiosks

“Têtu”: The Magazine is Back with a new Editorial Line

MEDIA: Nineteen months after its final copy, the title is back. Now bimonthly that “the tone changes forward” compared to the old formula … The magazine Têtu is back in the French kiosks from Tuesday with a new bimonthly formula. Launched in 1995 by activists of the anti-AIDS struggle economically supported by Pierre Bergé, the […]

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