These are crepes from the Breton brand Bernard Jarnoux. (© Adobe Stock)

Product Recall at Carrefour and Auchan: Presence of Listeria in Batches of Crêpes

The Listeria bacteria would have been detected on batches of 8 soft vanilla crêpes of the Jarnoux brand. The product is withdrawn from the market. Those lovers of sweet pleasures are warned to be vigilant: batches of 8 soft vanilla crêpes from the Breton brand Bernard Jarnoux are suspected of being contaminated with Listeria,  announce Carrefour and Auchan.  The product, marketed in Carrefour and Auchan stores across France, has been recalled. People […]

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Several brands have withdrawn lots of salmon from the sale because of the risk of Listeria

Listeria: Salmon Sold at Carrefour, U and Casino Stores Recalled

Several lots of Carrefour, U and Casino brand Salmon are being recalled due to contamination with listeria, a bacteria dangerous to health. Fish department alert. Several lots of salmon sold at Carrefour, the U and Casino stores are currently the subject of a recall, according to the site specializing in recalls of Oulah products. They are said to be contaminated […]

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E-Coli and listeria: Recall of cow's milk cheeses at Intermarché, Super U, Géant-Casino ...

E-Coli and Listeria: Recall of Cow’s Milk Cheese at Intermarché, Super U, Géant-Casino …

This Friday 4th October 2019, the company Moulis recalls several raw cow’s milk cheese, sold in most of the supermarkets in France. If you bought these products, do not consume them and bring them back where you bought them. This Friday 4th October 2019, the cheese dairy company Le Moulis, located in the Ariège, proceeds to a vast recall of raw […]

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Moselle and France are on alert for Listeria in Vegetables

Moselle: Checks for Listeria after a Contamination Alert on Vegetables

Vegetables from Hungary may have been contaminated with listeria. Checks were carried out all over France, including Moselle New alert to listeria in the agri-food sector. In addition to  the McDonald’s Caesar salad business, fresh and frozen vegetables from Hungary are also targeted. The Directorate General for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control (DGCCRF) has ordered the withdrawal and recall of vegetables produced between 13 August […]

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Listeria found in some salads at McDonald's

McDonald’s: Listeria Found in Salads, Here is the List of Restaurants Involved

Listeria alert at McDonald’s. The fast food chain had to stop the sale of contaminated salads and calls its customers to be cautious everywhere in France. Fast food giant McDonald’s announced on Wednesday 1st August, 2018 that it has stopped selling one of its flagship salads because of the presence of listeria . This is the salad “Chicken Caesar” that is concerned […]

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Several stores have decided to recall frozen vegetables contaminated with listeria.

Frozen Vegetables Contaminated with Listeria: Several Brands Recall their Products

Be careful, if you bought frozen vegetables during your shopping these days. Several stores have recalled products contaminated with listeria. Several retail chains ( Carrefour, Auchan, Leader Price, Intermarché, and Lidl) have recalled frozen preparations for vegetables contaminated with listeria, announced  the Directorate General of Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control ( DGCCRF) . Listeriosis is a disease that “can be serious […]

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Hams contaminated with Listeria recalled by Carrefour, Monoprix and Casino

Hams Contaminated with Listeria recalled by Carrefour, Monoprix and Casino

FOOD SAFETY: Fourteen references of Hams are concerned … Consumer alert. Casino, Monoprix and Carrefour have recalled several references to ham contaminated with listeria, reveals the site of 60 million consumers.   Buyers of these products are advised not to consume them and to return them to the store where they were purchased for reimbursement. Jambon supérieur sans […]

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